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Go2Tutors Background

Students can count on us to help them reach their full potential.  Our goal is to identify their preferred learning style and then build their confidence. We use a variety of study tools and put an additional emphasis on life/study skills.

We started in 2010 and continue to grow every year. We are always looking to hire talented individuals that are passionate about helping students.

A note about the Founder:

I have been helping students achieve academic goals for over 15 years.  Being a tutor is my passion.  When I was in middle school, my parents hired a tutor and I thrived. Without this support, my confidence would have continued to slip.  Today, students need more flexibility since their schedules are full of other activities. They may also have questions in other subjects. Instead of hiring different tutors for each subject, why not make it easier and have one.

My Educational background: Oregon State University  Double major in: Accounting and Finance  Minor: Writing

More about me: When I am not teaching, you will find me outside on hikes, backpacking trips, the beach and camping getaways. I love to volunteer and have worked with many organizations. Aside from spending time with friends and family, I enjoy playing sports and have a decent 3-point shot. I prefer small towns, love dark chocolate and adore my animals.