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Our goal is to figure out how each student learns best. We offer a free 30 minute consultation with potential families to understand your specific goals and create a plan to get positive results.

How do you teach students?

We teach online using Skype to talk with students. Most students are already familiar with this free video chat program, but if not, we can walk you through everything during the consultation. When we need to collaborate and work through homework problems/lessons, we will screen share and use an online notebook. This serves as a virtual whiteboard.

See how the notebook works

Why do you use a online student notebook and will parents have access?

The online notebook is an incredible tool. Microsoft OneNote is a fantastic way for students and teachers to be connected outside of a classroom. In addition to video conferencing, this gives us a great space to work together, everything is saved in one spot and is available to the student on any device 24/7. Parents can have a password protected section that includes session reports and invoices. The notebook is private and secure. Check out an example below:

Student Notebook Example

How can you teach math successfully online?

There is always more than one way to learn. In today’s world, our students are technologically savvy and use it daily in and outside their classrooms. We see this as an opportunity to help students prepare for college. By teaching online, students can get help when they need it most. The online notebook allows us to work together on any math problem during a session. Teaching one-on-one, a tutor is not limited to textbooks or worksheets. We can create pictures/diagrams and real life examples to help reinforce WHY we learn these important topics in the first place.

Do you require a certain number of hours or a contract?

There is no contract. A discount is applied to each tutoring package, but the time can be used as the student needs. Tutoring sessions do not have to be an hour long. Some students master concepts in short 15-30 mins sessions, or they may just have a quick homework question. Others may need more time.

What is your policy on homework and achieving education goals?

Students like flexibility and we encourage them to direct sessions to fit their needs. We believe a tutor will go above and beyond to help students and hopefully, the students will be motivated to work hard too! Student are expected to attend their classes and complete necessary coursework. Outside of scheduled sessions, students can contact their tutor with homework questions anytime.

How do you keep parents up to speed?

After the consultation and you meet your tutor.  An online notebook will be created to fit the student’s needs. Short/long term goals, progress and session reports are available to the parent anytime in a password protected section. Parents are encouraged to be an active participant and we want to keep them updated on progress.