Another Parent Silenced At A School Board Meeting

In a growing matter reported across the US, a Florida school board silenced a Dad for reading a graphic passage from a school library book.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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Florida school board

Despite recently passing laws to protect parental rights and prevent the sexualization of young children, some Florida schools are still carrying pornographic books. This was so concerning to one parent that he attended a school board meeting to discuss the matter. When addressing the issue and attempting to read a passage from one of these books, Florida school board members cut off the father’s microphone and have yet to properly remedy the situation

Bruce Friedman wished to discuss the harmful effects of allowing graphic adult content into school libraries with the Florida School Board. His son attends Island High School and had access to a book about a college girl who is raped. The details of this horrific attack are laid out in this memoir, which was based on events that led to the wrongful conviction of a black man which placed him in jail for 16 years. Whether the details of the story are entirely true or not has been questioned by readers in numerous reviews, but most parents are more concerned about the nature of the story and its obvious adult content being made openly available to minors who are often not psychologically prepared for adult subject matter.

Friedman is a previous resident of New York who claims that his son was harmed by the educational practices in the highly progressive state. He noted in a Fox News interview that his decision to move to Florida was due to that fact and so the Florida School Board’s reaction to his concerns are all the more frustrating for his family. At the June 30th meeting he was prepared to read a passage from the book in question, but his microphone was cut off and he was advised not to read “pornography” in the public meeting.

The Florida board members attempted to excuse this act by claiming that since the meeting was being broadcast, reading such content would violate federal and state laws, but many are questioning why books that cannot be read and broadcast on the air are being made available to underage students at all. To add insult to injury, the Florida school board has yet to release a statement or take any action to resolve this dispute.  

Mr. Friedman has been vocally opposed to his treatment and the insertion of pornographic books in public schools. He is the president of his area’s No Left Turn in Education Chapter and is dedicated to ensuring that schools teach age-appropriate content. He fears that the school system is working to weaken families, and burden society into a desperation that leads them to give power to government entities, like public school systems and the Florida school board. 

Florida school board

This is not the first time that school boards have worked to silence parents opposing pornographic books in schools, and many families fear it will not be the last. While some progressive activists claim that removing sexually graphic books is censorship, lawmakers in other areas have had to pass legislation that ensures children are not being exposed to sexually charged adult material. This displays the growing divide between authoritative entities like the Florida school boards and the mothers and fathers who are simply asking schools to teach their children core subjects in order to provide them with a proper education that helps them grow into happy, healthy, productive members of society.