Texas School Board Trolled By Local After Rejecting Arabic ‘In God We Trust’ Sign

A Texas school board is under fire for refusing signs reading "In God We Trust" in Arabic and also in rainbow color.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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Texas school board

A known internet troll decided to pull a publicity stunt and donate rainbow signs and those with Arabic writing to a school. Now a national debate has been stirred after the Texas school board rejected the signs which read “In God We Trust.” Being that the United States has no official national language, and the district already accepted other signs with the same message, discrimination claims and accusations of exclusionary practices are being tossed into the mix. 

During an August 15th Texas school board meeting for the Carroll ISD schools in Southlake, Sravan Krishna attempted to donate a group of Arabic rainbow signs. These simply read, “In God We Trust,” the country’s motto. This is in accordance with a new state law requiring schools to display posters of the motto with the American Flag. Whether Krishna was intending to prove a point or not, the rejection of this material has brought attention to a lack of unity within Texas. 

Krishna is a self-proclaimed, “WOKE as bleep,” member of the community. He openly declares that he is “pro-choice” and “pro-inclusion,” as well as determined to respond to those who oppose his politics, and his point was easily made in this scenario. Although Texas has been a traditionally red state, its schools and lawmakers are supposed to represent every citizen of the area. By denying the signs, the Texas school board has opened itself up to public ridicule for exclusionary bias.  

When responding to the signage request, the Texas school board noted that they had already accepted previously approved signs. Images and media messages have become a constant aspect of life. The average American was exposed to between 4,000 and 10,000 media images each day in 2017. That number has likely grown and affects school children even as they are transported to school. From branded cars to billboards, radio, and streaming messages signage and messaging are everywhere. Whether the Texas school board rejected the new signs because they had already received enough imaging to properly display the message, or they were acting through discriminatory practices has yet to be determined. 

Those in support of adding Krishna’s signs have pointed out that the signs already approved by the district were donated by Patriot Mobile. This Christian conservative cell phone company was created to support American constitutional rights in opposition to communications companies that have censored and shut down services for Americans who express conservative values. Because the Texas school board did not publicly disclose how many signs they were willing to accept, and rejected Krishna’s donation, Krishna believes that the rejection is “bigoted” and “discriminatory” of “non-Christian nationalists.”

What he failed to note was that Texas recently passed HB 3979, which prohibits schools from promoting identity politics in the classroom. It removed discussions about sexual orientation and divisive rhetoric. Whether the Texas school board was reluctant to institute the rainbow signs due to parental backlash against gender theory being taught is unknown. It is also unclear if any students enrolled in the district speak or write Arabic on a daily basis or not.

Given the nature of Sravan Krishna’s persona for trolling conservatives, the Texas school board may also not have taken the signage donation seriously. Regardless, it is now sparking a national debate on freedom of expression. If Krishna pursues legal action, court rulings will determine the future of these kinds of donations.