See A Teacher Say Her Students Are Queer Because Of Her

See a fourth grade teacher proudly promote that her students identify as queer because of the fact she is queer herself.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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4th grade teacher

The LGBTQ+ community has come under fire for promoting many questionable practices. Sexual education for kindergartners and sex changes for children are 2 of the most notable —especially being that most of the gay community embraces the ideology that “gender is a construct.” This belief encourages children to go against their biology and try to live as the opposite sex, and it is even now being promoted in elementary school classrooms by genderqueer teachers who wish to instill their personal beliefs on other people’s children. Most recently, a 4th grade teacher posted a video proudly admitting that a lot of her students are queer because she’s queer. 

This 4th grade teacher boasted about how she helps students learn to question how gay someone is by playing the popular children’s game “Guess Who?” She openly admits to enforcing stereotypes and making assumptions about people’s personal lifestyles based on appearances. She says she is proud that her students are gay and happy to come to her for advice. Her excitement at this has led many to question whether her practices are merely supportive, or if she is specifically targeting children to groom them into her lifestyle and raise a new generation of gender-confused individuals. 

Despite the rise in popularity of queerness, many parents still believe in biology. Plenty of them raise biological males to be boys, and biological females to be girls. Because of this, many schools have secretly aided students in changing their gender identity without contacting the parents, oftentimes not allowing the legal guardians of these students the opportunity to provide them with the familial support they may be needing. Children exposed to educators like this 4th grade teacher, have not reached puberty, nor have the cognitive skills to make serious life decisions. If the LGBTQ community truly believes that “gender is a construct,” then that would mean that teaching children to be gay is directly linked to the rise in gender confusion and gender dysphoria and contributes to the growing youth mental health crisis even though gender equity and inclusion practices and awareness have been implemented throughout the United States.

4th grade teacher

All across the nation schools have been encouraged to support gender confused and gender queer students. It has been pressed upon parents, children, teachers, and entire communities that trans students and gay students suffer if they are not supported. Concerns over the gay and trans suicide rate are raised every time someone debates the validity or safety of medical gender transition procedures for children. Despite this, the child mental health crisis has not waned, but only grown worse. Based on the current state of child mental health, many may wonder if embracing gender queer lessons is truly helpful for child development. 

While adults like this 4th grade teacher (who prides herself on the fact that her students are queer because she is queer) continue to promote their personal lifestyle in the classroom, children are continuously given conflicting information. Going from a biology lesson to a lesson where they are urged to challenge gender norms may not offer the consistency or stability that children require in order to form a clear understanding of the world around them. This alone can cause mental issues which harm their well-being for years to come. 

4th grade teacher

Education practices have gone from teaching acceptance to pushing political agendas. This shift has influenced children to embrace gender queerness and gender confusion at unprecedented rates. Being that the LGBTQ+ community openly discusses that “gender is a construct” and that being gender queer has many difficulties, many are wondering if they are purposely teaching children to be gay knowing that it creates more hardship for them. That leads the actions of this 4th grade teacher to mean much more than she describes as she directs the outcomes of many young students without parental consent.