Schools Requiring Parents To Sign Biological Sex Affidavits

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

biological sex affidavit

In order to ensure that parents and teachers comply with Oklahoma’s “Save Women’s Sports Act,” some schools are now requiring parents to sign a biological sex affidavit. The bill was signed back in March in order to provide natural-born females with fair play in sports competitions. Due to the advent of biological males identifying as females and competing in women’s sports, many states have passed such laws, but very few require such legal documents.

The debate over women and girls’ right to sex-only spaces has been challenged by LGBTQIA+ activists in recent years. In the name of diversity and inclusion, biological males have been allowed to enter girls’ sports competitions, but the validity of such actions has been called into question as these male-to-female competitors break records that women have never been able to set and arguments over body mass, bone density, and skeletal structure have kept the battle going. Now that Oklahoma has joined various other states in preserving female sports, they must enforce this policy, and in order to do so, biological sex affidavits are being issued. 

While other states simply require a birth certificate or are even upholding their transgender sports bans on the honor system, Oklahoma has taken a more straightforward approach. In past decades it was easy to determine the sex of a child. They were born male or female, but due to hormone therapy treatments and even risky surgical processes, schools and sports organizations can no longer ensure that female students are natural born females upon first glance. Oklahoma schools who wish to uphold the new law and ensure that students are placed on sports teams based on biology are now requiring proof. The Woodall Public Schools has been requesting a biological sex affidavit for each student involved in their sports programs, and a copy was sent to an abortion rights activist who took to Twitter to decry this measure. 

Instead of calmly discussing the matter with concerned parents — who are tired of seeing their daughters’ right to fair play crushed to further political movements — or acknowledging the various female athletes who have spoken out against allowing transgender competitors to join athletic contests with no regard to their physical advantages, Erin Matson posted an image of the biological sex affidavit along with the accusation that transgender sports bans have nothing to do with protecting young girls and women but that it is somehow, “white nationalism,” connected to anti-abortion sentiments and totalitarianism.

Whether abortion activists wish to acknowledge that natural-born female athletes have lost athletic opportunities due to policies which allow sports competitors to join teams and physical contests based on how they identify instead of their biological scientific makeup, many states have been forced to pass legislation due to occurrences. Oklahoma is the first to require a biological sex affidavit, and that aspect of enforcing the law may be changed if challenged in court. For now, women’s rights supporters who are concerned with providing natural born females with equal opportunities are seeking to ensure that young girls and women are able to face fair challenges in athletic competitions. The methods by which this is achieved are still being created and adjusted, as this is a modern issue that previous generations of Americans never had to face.