District Gives Antifa Aligned Teacher 3 Years Pay To Resign

An alleged Antifa teacher who was ousted for pushing his political beliefs on students was given three years pay to resign.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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Antifa teacher

Antifa is a group of activists who claim to be “anti-fascist.” They often dress in all black and cover their faces with black masks. Footage of them violently attacking property and people have been seen in countless videos shared across the internet. Despite this, Joe Biden refused to acknowledge the group’s potential threat during his 2020 presidential campaign, calling those involved, “An idea, not an organization.” Multiple attacks by the group have been investigated and reported on, and last year Project Veritas exposed Gabriel Gipe for his ties to Antifa and a classroom initiative to turn his students into far-left activists. Now, the Antifa teacher has been paid three years’ salary to resign. See the video footage below:

During the video, the Antifa teacher admitted that he uses scare tactics to radicalize students. He gave them extra credit for attending Antifa protests that crashed conservative events, and committed himself to influencing their political views throughout his 180 days of teaching them. Not only did this former educator hang an Antifa flag in the classroom but he also donned a tattoo of the communist hammer and sickle.  

Parents are especially concerned about politics entering the classroom. It has become such a pressing issue that many are willing to change their political affiliation based on school policies and lawmakers’ support of political school issues. Whether the Antifa teacher truly believed he was creating “revolutionaries,” or not, his teaching methods are exactly why many families have fled the system. 

The Antifa teacher was forced to resign from his California education position as of January this year, but due to a settlement, the district paid him three years’ worth of salary. Many believe that this does not go far enough to deter teachers from carrying out similar acts. Gabriel Gipe was not entirely punished for his actions. Although he left his job, he has not been banned from teaching in the state and received a large payout because the school didn’t want to face a public lawsuit, but the question of teaching violations and harmful classroom management continues to be a major issue.

The implementation of critical race theory, gender theory, and another alleged communist Marxist lessons contradict the United States Constitution and those who support it. Public schools and the teachers they hire are paid for by tax-payer dollars. Educators, like the Antifa teacher, who overstep their boundaries to indoctrinate children into their personal beliefs are damaging parent-teacher relations and breeding further distrust of the education system.  

Parental rights are important to many families. As teachers’ unions and their members grow more overtly political, alternative education options are being sought in record numbers. Enrollment in public schools has plummeted and teachers are leaving the system in droves. 

Antifa teacher

Without groups like Project Veritas, the Antifa teacher would likely still be teaching. The California school district appears to have taken moderate action based on public response after the video interview went viral. How long this behavior went on is unknown, and whether or not it would have been reprimanded had the public not have reacted so negatively is also uncertain.