The Food Compass And Why Biden Wants Your Kids To Eat Candy Instead Of Eggs

The Biden Administration is set to unveil its Food Compass plan, a confusing module that says candy is healthier than eggs.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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The Biden Administration is hosting a Conference on hunger, nutrition, and health next month which will unveil its Food Compass plan. American hunger generally looks different than the lack of food that has plagued people throughout generations. Many low-income individuals and families can afford some food, but only overly processed items that provide little to no nutritional value. 

In order to combat the growing obesity epidemic, and preventable life-threatening ailments like heart disease and food-related diabetes, the conference is supposed to display the Food Compass in an anti-hunger initiative that is set to encourage Americans to eat healthy and exercise more by 2030. Unfortunately, federal initiatives to guide nutrition have only led Americans further away from natural healthy eating in the past. In the 1990s The Food Pyramid placed the most emphasis on grains and limiting fats. Many Americans now eat high carbohydrate diets which has led to an increase in serious health issues, being that carbs break down into sugar and too much sugar is hard on the body. 

Before that, an attack on fats pushed substitutes like margarine, but in order to make similar spreads taste good more sugars were added. This came after the four food groups, and cereal company-led campaigns which falsely claimed that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” American health has only further declined due to all of these mass health initiatives. Despite this, the Biden Administration has created The Food Compass and is set to promote it across the nation. So what is it and how is it used?

What Is The Food Compass?

The Food Compass is a pie graph “compass” that breaks down nutrition into nine various sections. From vitamins to minerals, nutrient ratios, and food-based ingredients it does not clearly list natural foods, but instead lists the scientific components utilizing jargon that is more likely to be understood by clinical nutritionists. Children won’t be able to understand the lipids or phytochemicals section, and many adults will likely misinterpret the entire compass due to its lack of clear messaging.

Healthy eating models in the past may have gotten some areas wrong, but they clearly listed what types of foods were recommended. This Food Compass fails to do that, and what’s more, this new guide lists out recommended foods and those which should be limited in another graph. This graph is highly confusing because it lists processed products like Frosted Mini Wheats, Honey Nut Cheerios, and fries or chips above eggs, cheese, and beef. As if that weren’t odd enough, even M&M-coated nuts and chocolate-covered almonds are considered healthier than beef, cheese, and eggs to the Biden Administration. 

food compass

This is a curious stance being that high protein, low sugar diets — like the Keto diet — have helped numerous people combat obesity and gain a healthy body. But it is known that the head of Biden’s upcoming Nutrition Conference, Dariush Mozaffarian, is funded by Bill Gates and the Rockefeller foundation. So whether this Food Compass initiative is health based, or more connected to globalist agendas is uncertain.   

How Will It Be Used?

The Biden Administration states that it wishes to use this new Food Compass to end hunger. This may be a true goal. It is costly to grow/raise, harvest, and safely package, ship, and sell healthy natural raw ingredients. 

Instead of focusing on local food initiatives — which cut costs and aid local farmers — the federal government’s food compass is focused on mass production. It will likely need to keep costs low, and so foods like eggs, cheese, and beef require more work than dipping nuts in chocolate or selling overly processed cereals. This model will be used to encourage individuals and families to support national food efforts. 

The Food Compass itself requires a mathematical approach to balancing the different slices, or “domains,” in order to maintain a “healthy” diet. Every domain is designed to be calculated with others in order to provide an average eating score. What the scores mean has yet to be offered, and how complicating simple eating strategies with math equations will aid people in making healthier diet choices is not clear. Maybe working out the algebraic expressions will deter people from eating altogether. One can only guess the path of intent here.  

Launching the Food Compass Out To The Public

So when will this complex Food Compass be introduced to the public? At the Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health in just a few weeks. Like many political conferences, it is expected to be filled with officials who applaud the new move, but that cannot determine whether it will be well-received by the general public.  

Dariush Mozaffarian has stated that “We are on a path to disaster.” In order to prevent a national food crisis, he believes that the federal government must do more. He speaks about the “food system” and working to direct it from a big government perspective, despite the fact that pandemic lockdowns displayed many flaws in the national supply chain. It also comes as Dutch farmers are fighting their own government to continue growing and raising food. The Dutch government is committed to the Climate agenda, much like the Biden Administration, and supports the United Nations’ Agenda 2030, the date also listed in the long-term Food Compass plan.  

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food compass

While “sustainable agriculture” is a goal many people agree on, the methods by which it can be achieved are not. As displayed by Sri Lanka’s fall, drastic government imposition on farming and a nation’s food supply can lead to mass starvation and conflict. If the Biden Administration is truly committed to the 2030 agenda and these sorts of drastic changes, launching the Food Compass to the public may result in the same struggles. Gaining public support is likely to be an uphill battle based on the confusing nature of the new Food Compass design and the fact that it lists junk food as healthier than those enriched with muscle-building proteins and enzymes which promote guttural health. 

Climate Change policies like the Green New Deal and the 2030 agenda have not been voted on or approved by the people of the countries adapting to them. Whether the Food Compass is just a small plan to slowly shift the eating habits of Americans, or is more closely linked to larger global goals is uncertain. What is known is that previous national initiatives to improve health have only led to further health complications from coast to coast and so skepticism is expected regarding this policy which claims that candy is healthier than eggs.