District Hires Woke Consulting To Rid Schools Of Racial Bias

By Erika Hanson | Published

Woke Kindergarten

Public schools have long advocated for social justice to foster learning environments where everyone felt safe and included, but because of extreme civil unrest in recent years, those efforts have escalated. Much of this is said to have become extreme, and many parents are pushing back against these initiatives as they fear divisive concepts like critical race theory and gender constructs are taking away from core academics and pushing radical agenda’s on young minds. Some families are fighting back against schools that spend taxpayer money to bolster these social justice endeavors, as is the case with a California school district, which was reported to have hired Woke Kindergarten to push more anti-racist and anti-bias training in schools.

According to information reported by Fox News, the Glassbrook Elementary school in Hayward, California paid education consultants with Woke Kingerdarten – an abolitionist early education group that focuses on pro-black and LGBTQ initiatives in schools – $20,000 for training purposes. This was said to have happened during the 2021-2022 school year, in which various workshops were implemented. The training focused on coaching educators and staff on how to be anti-racist and anti-bias.

The reports claim that the training and coaching offered from Woke Kindergarten encouraged school staff to “disrupt whiteness, white dominant/settler colonial narratives” along with impeding any anti-blackness. Much of this rhetoric aligns with critical race theory, a contentious teaching ideology that more than 16 states across the nation now ban from schools. The belief by opposers is that this practice involves an extreme divisive concept that promotes racial inequality in a backward manner that teaches young students to feel guilty for their innate privileges, especially those who are white students. 

Given the fact that public schools districts all across the nation are complaining of cash-strapped budgets, which often leave them struggling to purchase basic classroom supplies and feed children, opposers of social justice initiatives like this one allocating $20,000 to hire Woke Kindergarten are upset with how money is being funneled into schools. Speaking on the subject with Fox News Digital, Erika Zanzi, the Director of Outreach with Parent’s Defending Education claimed that the district was using this money to teach young students to identify however they please. 

According to Woke Kindergarten’s site, the organization prides itself on being an abolitionist early education program. This pedagogy promotes a teaching style that seeks equality for every student, by seeking equal opportunities for underrepresented minorities, especially black students. Across various school aspects, there is no denying statistical evidence that black students suffer worse academically, socially, and in terms of discipline when compared to their peers. But for one reason or another, many families continue to push back against these efforts to raise their success levels, often fearing that it has a more sinister mission that will take away from academic standards and indoctrinate young permeable minds.

Woke Kindergarten

Now that the word is out that the California district hired Woke Kindergarten, in what many families now view as a controversial move, it is unclear whether or not the liberal group will return to the school this year for more coaching and development. What is known is that parents are extremely torn between what they feel is appropriate school initiatives, and what is not. But as America remains a free county, and school choice gains popularity, opposing families have more options than ever to leave school systems with which they don’t agree with.