Parents Hit Back At Teachers’ Union Tweet Celebrating National Parents Day

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

California teachers Association

On Sunday, the California Teachers Association (CTA) tweeted out a message for National Parents Day. Although it claimed to believe in the power of support at home, many parents felt the public display was insincere after the organization spent over two years clashing with families regarding education rights. The powerful teachers union was met with critical responses that told everyone parents have not forgotten how their children were isolated and left behind by the very educators who were supposed to teach them. 

The California Teachers Association lobbied their state Governor Gavin Newsom to keep schools closed even after he was prepared to return students to much-needed in-person instruction. In their pursuit to cater to their own interests and desires above the needs of students, the CTA also worked with lawmakers to ensure that students remained masked in class even after various reports released information proving that COVID-19 wasn’t as harmful or deadly as predicted, that it wasn’t detrimental to most children, and that children did not spread the virus like the plague. Parents spoke out against these measures to no avail. 

This led to a fight between families and the California Teachers Association that grew so intense that parents created a petition to abolish the organization. Now that some areas of California are once again forcing public school students to mask themselves in order to attend summer school and many fear this will continue into the fall, parents have no patience for false displays of unity. Families have been forced to flee the school system in order to provide their children with a healthy well-rounded education, leading to record enrollment drops. 

All of these issues resurfaced in the comments as angry parents pointed out the hypocrisy of the California Teachers Association making such a generic National Parents Day post. One Twitter user reminded the union that families are fleeing their “corrupt school system,” while others hadn’t forgotten how the CTA worked to “keep parents OUT of the classroom.” Taxpayers are tired of being treated like the education system that they pay for is a special privilege.

Additionally, many parents were angered by the double standards that were displayed when a California Teachers Association member went to the Superbowl maskless while students were forced to continue covering their faces in school or seek alternative education options. These obvious inconsistencies have contributed to a national emergency in youth mental health. Students are experiencing learning loss and learning gaps at rates they may never be able to fully recover from. 

There is little to no support left for the California Teachers Association. These educators abused their power and have no one but themselves to blame. Parents are likely to remember this at the polls during the upcoming elections and many school officials know this. One tweeter even acknowledged that the Parents Day tweet must have been politically motivated.

Whether the California Teachers Association sent out their tweet in an attempt to reach out to parents or not is unknown. What many have expressed is that this organization needs to find better, more sincere ways of regaining the trust of the families they serve. If they cannot do that enrollment drops will continue and funding will be pulled.