D.C. Mandates That Schoolchildren Must Get COVID Vaccine

DC public and private schools will mandate that schoolchildren all receive the COVID vaccine this school year.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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COVID vaccine

The Supreme Court already ruled that a federal vaccine mandate for businesses was unconstitutional. Unfortunately, this excluded healthcare workers and has yet to be tried for school children. Now, Washington D.C. schools are continuing their COVID vaccine mandate into the 2022-2023 school year, even though the virus barely affects most children, adolescents in America have already reached natural herd immunity, and the vaccine has been linked to serious life-threatening side effects.

Citing public safety D.C. schools are forcing students 12 years old and up to receive the experimental COVID vaccine, which bypassed typical clinical trial protocols due to emergency orders and fast-tracked the shot. Throughout the pandemic, it was made clear that children are not as susceptible to the virus, nor is it as harmful to them should they contract it. 

As early as March of 2020, reports that COVID wasn’t affecting children were released. Yet the false myth that children are more likely to transmit the infection was circulated throughout the globe. This was debunked by the summer of 2020, but many school officials still pushed to keep students isolated and support mandating that students receive the COVID vaccine even though children in the United States have already reached natural herd immunity, as 75% of them have been infected (though mostly with asymptomatic cases). In addition, about 60% of American adults had already contracted the virus this spring, meaning that even the adult population is also nearing natural herd immunity.

In addition, the CDC admitted that most deadly COVID cases claimed the lives of individuals with four or more life-threatening pre-existing conditions, and that about 95% of adult Americans have COVID antibodies, which are more effective at preventing and fighting COVID-19 than the vaccine. This is great news for teachers and other adults still afraid of catching COVID from children. Most adults are already protected, and the majority of adult transmissions remain asymptomatic.

Throughout the pandemic, only 0.4% of children died from the virus, and many of those victims had pre-existing conditions. Despite this, a national push to inject children with the COVID vaccine has continued on leading to serious side effects for some like myocarditis and pericarditis. Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle, and pericarditis is inflammation of the heart’s outer lining.

Boys are three times more likely to experience adverse effects from the COVID vaccine, and 42% of young women and adult women reported that they bled more heavily during their menstrual cycle after receiving the shot. Whether this poses long-term fertility issues or not has not been studied enough to release consistent data confirming or denying the connection. Although some schools may look to inoculations as one-size fits all solutions to health and wellness, the fact of the matter is that not all vaccinations are created equal and the COVID shot has not been tested through the typical processes that deem them safe for mass use. 


Public schools are already experiencing record enrollment drops, a severe teacher shortage, and chronic absenteeism, but this mandate also included private schools. This means that parents who are unsure of the COVID vaccine now must decide whether the right to make medical decisions for themselves and their children based on the personal advice of their specific healthcare provider means more to them than convenience. By mandating the COVID vaccine for all school children in the D.C. area, the city is liable to face numerous lawsuits. Being that the Supreme Court already ruled against vaccine mandates in non-medical settings, this isn’t likely to stand long. For now, parents can either homeschool, seek an exemption, or have their children receive a vaccine for a virus.