Chipotle Is Giving Away Burritos To Student’s Favorite Teachers

Chipotle is starting the school year off recognizing great educators with a Burritos 4 Teachers sweepstake.

By Erika Hanson | Published

National Teacher Unions Have Lost 200,000 Members

Burritos 4 teachers

Nothing says “I appreciate you” quite like a mouthwatering burrito. At least that’s what Chipotle, the popular Mexican-style fast-food chain believes. The American restaurant is a fan favorite for quick service bowls, tacos, and burritos, and the company is now sharing some love for teachers with a new Burritos 4 Teachers giveaway. 

The Burritos 4 Teachers promotion begins just in time for the start of the 2022-2023 school year all across the nation. Running through the end of this week, students can take to Twitter and tag their favorite teacher to enter them into the sweepstakes. At the end of the giveaway, 2,000 teachers will be rewarded by Chipotle with vouchers to get free burritos for them and their schools’ staff. 

According to the official rules posted on Chipotle’s site, anyone can nominate a teacher. For the purpose of the Burritos 4 Teachers contest, Chipotle defines a teacher as any school staffer that serves students in grades Kindergarten through 12th. This includes teachers in all 50 states, and those who teach in either a public or private school. Homeschool educators and online remote company teachers are prohibited from winning the contest. 

Nominating a teacher is quite a simple process for this Burritos 4 Teachers sweepstake. Individuals simply have to reply to Chipotle’s Promotion Post on Twitter or comment on similar posts made on their official Instagram or Facebook ones. All that is needed for submission is for the nominator to tag the teacher they want to recognize. Participants are encouraged to add a brief comment on why they feel the teacher they are nominating is deserving of this, but it is not required. 

Like other retailers, Chipotle has long been showing appreciation to the world of teachers through promotions and giveaways similar to the Burritos 4 Teachers sweepstake. Last year, the company ran a back-to-school promotion in which they gave away $100,000 to 100 teachers to purchase classroom supplies. Likewise, the restaurant chain continuously offers BOGO and freebie deals during national teacher appreciation week

At contentious times like the present, even a simple thank you like this one offered via the Burritos 4 Teachers giveaway can go a long way. Teachers are being ousted at alarming rates for their viewpoints on LGBTQ+ and other politically charged matters. Some that support these measures are even being titled groomers and pedophiles simply for advocating for inclusive causes. 

On top of all the unrest, teachers are conveying mass amounts of stress and burnout from the demands of the job. Much of this was exacerbated by the pandemic, especially now that the teacher shortage means many educators are working harder to make up for staffing issues. While promotions like Burritos 4 Teachers may not be able to alleviate the stress in the classroom, companies like Chipotle express their appreciation for what teachers go through every day with these little nods of support.

Burritos 4 teachers

Chipotle will officially close the contest for submissions Friday night at 11:59 pacific time. Soon after, they will randomly select 2,000 nominated teachers to win the Burritos 4 Teachers vouchers. The restaurant chain will then send 50 meal vouchers to the winning teachers’ employed schools.