Disney In More Trouble After Opposing Florida Law Prohibiting Schools From Sexualizing 1st Graders

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | 2 months ago


The war to protect children from grooming, sexual content, and sexual abuse rages on as Disney continues to oppose Florida HB 1557. The bill has sparked controversy because it prohibits the teaching of sexual education before the 4th grade in the state. Teachers and LGBTQIA+ activists believe this is meant to prevent offering trans kids the right to explore their identity at a young age, but there is much more to this story than just trans rights. The Mouse House was recently outed for not only supporting the LGBTQIA+ community but also for grooming children to question their sexual preference from an early age and encouraging them to explore their sexual identity.

Parents who wish to allow their children to have a simple childhood — free of politics and grooming — are boycotting the Disney corporation en masse. A large group has been protesting outside of Disney Headquarters for weeks now in support of movements like #savethechildren, which wish to prevent grooming and child sexual abuse. Now, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is working to strip Disney of its special district, given through a 1967 order that allowed the corporation to operate Disney World within its own city. This move has allowed Disney tax perks, stronger voting power, and other legal privileges which led to numerous child sex crimes that could have been more easily prevented under different circumstances. 

For the past 10 years, Disney has not been without a child sex crime scandal. As the company fights against a bill that many believe will prevent grooming techniques that often lead to child sexual abuse, Florida lawmakers are facing the harsh truth that the “magical kingdom,” may very well be a house of horrors. In examining the long list of sex crimes, it is easy to connect the interests of a corporation that openly admits to grooming children through their media content with the incidence of their employees being arrested for child sex crimes in Florida alone.


Just this year, 4 employees were arrested and identified by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office during an undercover child predator sting operation. 3 Walt Disney World employees were busted in a similar investigation in Winterhaven, Florida last year. In 2020 2 Disney employees were arrested for possessing child pornography in Polk County. A youth entertainment coach was accused of blindfolding and fondling a 10-year-old boy in 2019. Then in 2018, a project manager was arrested for possession of child pornography. 

There is an obvious pattern of abuse and child sex crimes within Florida’s Disney World area. This pattern goes back for years. In 2017 2 more Disney employees were arrested for possession of child pornography as well as for creating child sex dolls. Before that, not only were 2 Mouse HOuse employees busted for possession of child pornography, but also a 1st-grade teacher in 2016. Massive prostitution and child sex stings caught child predators who were employed by the company, Universal Studios, and Sea World in 2015. The curious case of the 2014 Florida sex sting not only caught Walt Disney World employees, but CNN ran a piece that sympathized with one criminal because he was upset at the repercussions and stated, “My life is ruined.” This followed a specific crackdown on Disney World sex offenders in 2013, which came just after a 2012 incident where a Disney Cruise Line Steward was caught molesting a 14-year-old on videotape. 

Looking at Florida’s struggles to keep Disney from sexually harming children, it is no wonder DeSantis is taking further action against them. Disney World’s recent history alone is rife with child sex crimes and suspicious activity. Their obstinance against HB 1557 does nothing to improve their image knowing that most sex crimes start with grooming children, and often go unreported. Many parents are now asking: If Disney employees have been arrested for child sex crimes so often, how many more offended without notice?