School Let A Young Student Transition Without Parents Knowing

A Florida mom is outraged after her young child's school officials kept information regarding their transition from them.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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A Florida school helped a 13-year-old girl transition to the opposite gender without parental consent after she expressed gender confusion to a group of friends during the pandemic. Her friends had transitioned, and so, the school saw no harm in allowing her to do so as well without contacting the girl’s legal guardians. Now her mother, January Littlejohn has gone public. This Florida mom is filing a lawsuit against the school, and recently discussed how this is an ongoing issue across the nation on “Fox & Friends First.”

Littlejohn spoke about this new systematic trend that encourages medically unqualified teachers to intervene in children’s health treatments. Not only that but the school in question created a “transgender support plan” for her daughter without including her in the process. This document was 6 pages long and withheld private information that the Florida mom believes would have “impacted her safety.” This ranges between bathroom preference to where to sleep for overnight field trips.

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Support for encouraging children to explore being the opposite sex has become so common that Florida recently passed a controversial bill banning schools from teaching sex-ed content to students before the 4th grade, in addition to a bill of parental rights which will protect parents and children from future incidents like this. Similar lawsuits to Littlejohns have been filed in Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and California, but not every state supports parental rights. Multiple families have accused teachers of grooming their children to become transgender even if they are not similar to this Florida mom. 

The Biden Administration and the Department of Education are pushing schools to add gender inclusivity programs into public schools, even awarding grant money to districts that do so. They claim that transgender children who are not allowed to change their identity become suicidal, without acknowledging that the side effects of gender reassignment hormone therapy are anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts, or that surgical removal of reproductive organs can lead to severe hormonal imbalances that adversely affect the brain. All of this has escalated to the events urging the Florida mom to speak out.

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The debate over parental rights continues as trans activists claim that gender reassignment is essential, while parents wish to allow children to be children and make life-altering choices once they are adults who can legally make such drastic decisions for themselves. Most teachers, school officials, and politicians shy away from topics like the side-effects of transitioning, or the fact that most children who explore characteristics associated with the opposite sex eventually grow out of that behavior and live healthy lives as biological males or females. Littlejohn did mention in her interview that her daughter was the one to expose the school for its secretive behavior. She openly told her mom that the school asked her which bathroom she prefers to use. That led this Florida mom to contact the school and find out that they would not offer her further information. 

Like so many parents, this Florida mom has learned the lengths that schools are willing to go to in order to keep minors’ information from their parents. Even at the risk of serious side effects and long-term reproductive harm, teachers and administrators worked to withhold serious medical information. The school has filed to have the case dismissed, but Littlejohn had her attorney file opposition. They are currently awaiting the court’s decision.