Harry Styles’ Concert Interruption Shows Why Great Teachers Are Important

Harry Styles was performing when he stopped his show to search for his school teacher in the crowd to thank her for her inspiration.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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Last week, Harry Styles stopped his concert in England. This was not in connection to a crowd injury as happened at a previous concert. Instead, Styles wished to find his former teacher who was in the crowd attending the show. See the footage below.

Harry Styles was performing at Emirates Old Trafford. He asked the crowd to quiet down so he could try and locate his first school teacher who was attending the show. The audience of about 26,000 people did their best to offer some silence, but one group continued to shout. He told them, “You’re not Mrs. Vernon.” Then he looked up to the rafters, dropped to his knees, and said, “There she is.”

He asked how she was doing and noted, “I hear you’re retiring.” Then Harry Styles proceeded to thank her and express his gratitude for her presence. This event has led many to remember their teachers and praise those who truly made a positive impact in their lives. 

This is not the first time a celebrity thanked a teacher and it isn’t likely to be the last. Though Harry Styles’ recognition is the latest story that reminds students and parents just how important teachers are in children’s lives, in 2021 Adele was doing a show where she was asked if anyone inspired her when she was a kid. She opened up about her former middle school teacher, Miss MacDonald only to find out that she was in the audience. The two shared a heartfelt reunion with hugs and happy tears.  

In 2020 Kerry Washington had a smaller reunion than Harry Styles’, but this still significant online interaction came after she named one of her former teachers while doing a televised event. Her teacher tweeted that she “nearly fell off the couch,” when being mentioned. Kerry quickly responded. She thanked her for watching and inspiring her.  

harry styles

What’s more, not only have celebrities like Harry Styles remembered to thank their teachers; many celebrities and historical figures have actually been teachers. Hugh Jackman had been a physical education teacher in England before gaining notoriety for his acting skills. Before him, the infamous Mr. T, from the 1980s show the A-Team, had also worked as a gym teacher in Chicago prior to making his acting debut. The great poet, Maya Angelou enjoyed educating others, while Helen Keller’s teacher Anne Sullivan is known as one of the greatest educators in history being that she found a way to teach a child who was born mute, deaf, and blind. Interestingly enough, Alexander Graham Bell was not just a famous inventor, but a tutor who also worked with Helen Keller and taught her to read braille.  

There are many caring teachers who helped their students move on to great endeavors. The fact that so many successes come from receiving encouragement from someone displays just how important teachers are. Harry Styles’ recent recognition of his former educator left fans gushing. It was a heartfelt moment which reminds everyone not only of the importance of helping guide children as they grow, but of also remembering those who dedicate their lives to it.