See A Slideshow Designed To Make Kids Acknowledge Their Teacher As Non-Binary

By Erika Hanson | Published

The now-exposed woman behind the ever-growing viral sensation known as Libs of TikTok is not slowing down on her agenda to “expose woke lunacy”, despite the smear campaign recently brought to light in mainstream media. In her own eidola of teacher smear campaigns, the account recently exposed a non-binary teacher and their means to address their recent name change with students. As usual, the exposé has grabbed social media’s attention and provoked the raging culture war in America that has heavily centered around teachers in public education.

Libs of Tik Tok first shared the video of the non-binary teacher on Sunday, April 24th. In less than 24 hours, the video has been retweeted nearly six thousand times and has been liked by over 17 thousand users. Like many of the accounts exposé, the context has been left out, and the video was likely taken from the teacher’s public Tik Tok account. The video centers around the teacher’s slideshow, which it appears was presented to the teacher’s classroom. However, the age and location of the students remain uncertain.

The video starts out with the non-binary teacher showcasing a popular statement perpetuated by many conservatives. “Stop brainwashing our children in the classroom with your LGBT agenda.” To this, the teacher coyishly grins and then presents a slide show discussing how he came out to his students to inform them of his gender identity. 

Within the slideshow, the non-binary teacher informs his students about his change in title. The students are taught that Ms. Beaman will now go by Mx. Beaman. The slide similarly explains the usage of Mx. as conformity for non-binary individuals who don’t necessarily feel like a boy or a girl. He even tells them how to pronounce the new title. 

non-binary teacher

Mx. Beaman also instructs his students to begin referring to their teacher as he or they instead of the “she” which they had known previously. He explains to kids how he feels that he was born in the wrong body, before heading into a brief summary of what transgender and non-binary mean. The non-binary teacher also added empathy, acknowledging that the transition and process to get used to the name change will be a work in progress for him and his students. 

The tweet was met with plenty of contempt from users that believe teachers should not be having these types of conversations with students in school. Alleging that this is what leads to indoctrination – furthermore, the belief that these non-binary teachers and others are swaying more children to wrongfully identify with another gender and confuse them – has fueled an attack against teachers who discuss their LGBTQ+ identity to students. 

But many supporters of LGBTQ+ rights fear that all these divulgences have done is to place a target on those who identify this way. To prove their notion, many point to the hypocrisy that these same opposers have no issue with students being indoctrinated with mainstream gender norms that teach boys to be boys and girls to be girls. They feel it is simply a personal attack against the non-binary teacher out of opposition to those who identify this way.

non-binary teacher

As Libs of Tik Tok continues its quest, more and more conservatives rally around the cause. The account has grown so much, that it often grabs the attention of popular media outlets like the Joe Rogan podcast. But it also has had detrimental effects on some, as many educators have claimed extreme harassment since Libs of Tik Tok have doxxed them. Regardless of whether or not the actions exposing the non-binary teacher and others are justifiable, the viral account has made a lasting impression.