Joe Rogan Slams His 9-Year-Old’s School For Teaching Anti-Racism

On a recent podcast, Joe Rogan opened up about his daughters experience in California public schools and is now being slammed for it.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan opened up about his daughter’s California education experience, Tuesday. He slammed his daughter’s previous school for demanding that students and families be anti-racist. To this school, it wasn’t enough to not be racist, they wished for everyone involved with them to take on hard-core extremist stances that are embedded in Critical Race Theory ideology. 

The school’s concerns were pressed after the death of criminal George Floyd at the hands of police officers. The controversial case sparked political attacks and violent riots which were downplayed by the media and even encouraged by some elected officials. Black Lives Matter (BLM) decried anyone who isn’t anti-racist as racist and so corporations, organizations, and schools across the country fell in line. They worked to indoctrinate students and families into accepting new Critical Race Theory (CRT) teachings which state that white people are racist by default (even if they do not actively discriminate against people of other races) and that the United States of America is “systematically racist.” Joe Rogan’s daughter was one of the children subjected to this sort of ideology, and he was highly alarmed. 

He admitted that racism is wrong, but noted the age and innocence of the students at the time, stating, “These kids are not even remotely racist.” He questioned how and why this rhetoric was so adamantly forced onto children who were living in diverse areas and already had a diverse group of friends and classmates. Joe Rogan called educators who fell for this newfound anti-racist propaganda “naive” and admitted that, “They weren’t that good at teaching in the first place.”

Joe Rogan

Many teachers across the nation now believe it is their personal mission to force students to be taught identity politics and judge everyone based on what they look like in order to not judge people based on what they look like. Math was decried for being racist and has been removed from some schools while reading requirements have been lowered, students are struggling more than ever, and some schools no longer even fail students, all in the name of “equity” and furthering their brand of “education.” Meanwhile, BLM is being investigated for tax fraud and the use of donation money to purchase a multi-million dollar mansion for personal use. Whether any of these inconsistencies were a determining factor in Joe Rogan and his family’s decision to leave California for Texas isn’t entirely clear, but he did declare that California was “crazy” and “going to sink,” because of all the lockdowns and poor governance. 

Many families left blue states — which have latched on to anti-racism and CRT  — where these ideologies are being adopted into local and state governments and already costing taxpayers more than they can pay. Joe Rogan is not alone in his opposition to contradictory ideologies that have proven to be destructive and discriminatory, a mass exodus of countless Americans took place in 2021. People were fleeing blue states for red ones in record numbers. Schools, the economy, and government policy were among the top reasons for the migration. 

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan has become the voice of the nation. His podcast is universally listened to. So much so that politically indoctrinated celebrities who oppose him have threatened to leave his current Podcast platform, Spotify, but his relevance holds much more weight as he’s the most listened to Podcaster ever. His show is simply based on discussions with highly regarded individuals and asking the questions that everyone seems to be needing answers for. The appeal only increases when others try to silence him, because so many parents, students, and teachers have been silenced when they challenge the current WOKE narrative.  

If and how the California school responds is unclear, but Joe Rogan’s account isn’t uncommon. Neither is his reaction. Parents are fed up with schools that are more concerned with pandering to trends and propaganda than actively ensuring a well-rounded, useful education is given to students. Until they listen to the families they serve, schools which teach CRT and anti-racist rhetoric are likely to continue to see enrollment drops.