See LeVar Burton Call Book Banning ‘Bulls**t’

LeVar Burton recently spoke with the ladies of The View, where he called book banning in America "bulls**t."

By Erika Hanson | Published

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LeVar Burton

LeVar Burton is one of the most beloved names in Hollywood, and much of that is due to his dedication to making the world a better place for the youth of the world. Recently, the long-standing Scripps National Spelling Bee turned to the Reading Rainbow host to help bring vigor back to the venerable child-whiz competition.

But now, the 65-year-old is likely losing some of his favor, after he recently went on air and called out the book banning happening across libraries and schools throughout the nation, calling the act complete “bulls**t.” His statement begins around the 7-minute mark in the clip below.

The former Reading Rainbow and Star Trek star sat down with the ladies of The View this last Thursday, June 9th, to discuss a myriad of topics on the long-running talk show. But the ruling moment of the show was surely when co-host Joy Behar questioned LeVar Burton as to what his thoughts were about the uptick of books being banned across the nation. But more specifically, Behar questioned him about books that dealt with race, sexuality, “and basically, American history.” 

LeVar Burton didn’t even hold back his thoughts on the subject when his body language clearly states his point of view as Behar asked him the question. In just one (censored out) word, he replied, “bulls**t.” The actor went on to add that he feels embarrassed that this is happening in this day and age. After that, the literacy guru added that he suggests Americans should pick up these books that are being banned, and read them. 

Leading to LeVar Burton’s disdain, books in America are, in fact, being banned at rates never seen before. The American Library Association (ALA) confirmed this earlier in 2022. Lawmakers and concerned parents are taking the fight to state Capitols, where Republican politicians are answering their calls and banning contentious books they feel are grooming young children in sexual ways. One lawmaker even recently suggested burning books that parents were opposed to, conjuring images of eras like the Nazi regime. 

LeVar Burton’s appearance on the show wasn’t necessarily to discuss book bannings in America, but instead to focus on the upcoming premiere of his documentary, Butterfly in the Sky at the Tribeca Film Festival. It is named this way after the well-known theme song to his iconic 90s educational children’s show Reading Rainbow. The documentary is a collection of archival clips with brand new interviews of those involved with his treasured storytelling show that changed the lives of many children. The song had a bit of a welcomed revival earlier this year when it went viral on TikTok. 

As much as LeVar Burton is loved by Americans on both sides of politics, his comments yesterday will more than likely draw him criticism and backlash from parents upset at the growing number of LGBTQ+ style books taking aim at younger children. To those opposed, it is a way to confuse kids and make them feel that they should explore their sexuality. But to supporters, it is merely a way to end long-standing stigmas and homophobia.