Guidance Counselor Put On Leave Following Transgender Remarks

See the video and anti-transgender remarks that led to a Milwaukee school counselor being placed on administrative leave.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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Milwaukee school counselor

Despite the fact that core academic subjects have proven to be one of the biggest issues in public education over the past few years, for some reason, the biggest topic of contention for schools across America seems to focus on gender ideology. Some districts, like in New York City, are pushing for more extensive support in schools for LGBTQ students. Others, like in Florida, are looking to ban and prohibit these topics in the classroom. As the culture war rages on in education, another educator is caught in the crossfire, as a Milwaukee school counselor is now placed on leaving for her poignant remarks against transgender students caught on video. See the footage below. Her remarks start at about the 12:30 mark. 

The Milwaukee school counselor, Marissa Darlingh, had her face and clear viewpoints on gender ideology shared across the internet after Women’s Liberation Radio News shared the now-viral footage on Youtube. According to reports fromThe Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, her targeted speech happened during an anti-trans rally on April 23rd. In the video, Darlingh is heard identifying herself and her job for the district. Going on, she confirms that she is strictly against any form of gender idealogy entering the building that she teaches in, and adds that over her “dead f***ing body” will her students be exposed to its harm. 

After the video circulated across the internet, the school district in which the Milwaukee school counselor is employed placed her on leave and has opened up an internal investigation into the matter. In examing the circumstances of her remarks against transgender students and gender discussion, the school is questioning whether or not it qualifies as “immoral conduct” which could lead to her losing her job and having her educator license revoked. For those upset with the counselor’s sentiments, they feel that the paid leave isn’t enough punishment. 

Last Saturday, June 25th, a group of around 40 teachers, students, and various local community members were led by a local Black Educators Caucus advocacy group in a march from the district’s offices all the way to the Milwaukee school counselor’s home. The protestors etched their demands for her to be fired in chalk outside of her home. Local news reports said that other messages, including “protect trans kids” and “protect kids from Marissa,” were some of the things written on the sidewalk outside of her home. 

The Milwaukee school counselor is reportedly being represented by the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty. A spokesperson for the law office, Luke Berg, told The Daily Caller that they are working with the school district to resolve the issue so that the educator can continue to work the “job that she loves.” For the remaining time, Darlingh will stay on administrative leave. 

The example of this Milwaukee school counselor being targeted for her viewpoints is just one of many in the growing, contentious debate over gender politics in the classroom. On the other side of the fence, many governments and school officials are calling for the opposite and trying to rid schools of educators that are supportive of LGBTQ youth. In Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott has called on school and health care officials to turn in any adult to CPS that is found to promote sex changes for students. Both sides of the argument seem to be taking the debate to the extreme, and the matter will likely only worsen in the coming 2022-2023 school year.