Three Separate Oregon Teachers Arrested For Sex Crimes With Minors In Just One Day

By Erika Hanson | Published

Oregon teacher crime

In just one day, three separate educators within public schools in Oregon found themselves behind bars for accusations of sex crimes with minors. Across the nation, reports of teacher felonies can be found nearly every day, but it seems Oregon teacher crime reports are on the rise. And while no one has been found guilty yet, the stories are alarming.

The first Oregon teacher crime report comes from the city of McMinnville outside of Portland, Oregon. A fourth-grade teacher from the McMinnville Elementary School was arrested yesterday for two counts of attempted rape of a child over in Redmond, Washington. The teacher, Andrew Hammond, was arrested in a police-officiated sting operation. 

In the operation, police created fake social media profiles on dating apps that were location-based. The Oregon teacher charged with the crime was one of the perpetrators using the app that bought the bate from the authorities. The detectives posed as underage girls on the app when Hammond first began interacting with them last fall. In March, the 4th-grade teacher rented a hotel room in Redmond where he intended to meet the girls for sexual activity. In a search warrant used to scour his vehicle at the time, authorities uncovered condoms, lubricants, handcuffs, and duct tape. The police report also stated that the fake profiler told Hammond repeatedly that they were a 14-year old girl. 

About  30 miles south of McMinnville, another teacher in Salem was arrested in the string of Oregon teacher crimes. According to Libs of TikTok, a popular social media account that often exposes leftist extremisms in education, a middle school teacher within the Salem-Keizer School District was arrested yesterday for sending nudes to a student. According to the allegation, the Twitter account received copies of an email sent to parents from the principal. 

The Salem, Oregon teacher crime report stated that the male employee worked at the Judson Middle School. He worked with pre-k programs and he also was a student-teacher at Sumpter Elementary, where he chaperoned student trips across the country. He allegedly told authorities that he mistakenly sent the nude pictures to a high school student. 

As if two reports of Oregon teacher crime in one day weren’t enough, yet another teacher was arrested for sex crime charges. About 80 miles west of Salem all the way over on the coast, an educator in Tillamook was arrested. The Sheriff’s office arrested Briana Richelle Chambers, an employee of the Tillamook School District. Police reported that Chambers was booked on charges of Contributing to the Sexual Delinquency of a Minor, along with four counts of Sex Abuse 3 and tampering with evidence. With most of the details still under investigation, all that is known for now is that the crime involved an underage male and that the reported crimes occurred off school property. 

Oregon teacher crime

Even one report a day is one too many for such crimes. Parents shouldn’t have to worry about the well-being of their children in the hands of educators –the people parents are supposed to whole-heartedly trust with their kids’ lives. But unfortunately, stories like the series of Oregon teacher crime happenings seen throughout the Beaver State yesterday have become a normal occurrence all around the  United States, as a dire need to address this growing problem rises.