District Lets Students Room With Peers According To Their Gender Preference On Overnight Trips

Going forward, a school district will allow teens to room with their peers on overnight school trips according to their gender preference.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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overnight school trips

Gender theory has entered the public education system en masse. From LGBTQ+ teachers who promote identity politics in the classroom to the Biden Administration-controlled Department of Education’s push to actively promote gender identity in schools, children are questioning biological sex at record rates. Now, one school district has updated its Gender Support Plan to allow students to spend overnight school trips in rooms with peers of whatever gender identity they choose. 

Designed as an anti-discrimination policy, this Linn-Mar Community School District measure was supposedly created to make “appropriate arrangements” for gender nonconforming students in Iowa. Instead of spending overnight school trips bunking with girls or boys based on biological sex, LGBTQ+ students get to pick what they deem is best for themselves. This includes students from the seventh grade through high school ages. 

Parents are not to be notified regarding the status of any students, even if a student of the opposite sex is bunking with their child. This raises many concerns from parents who wish to prevent unnecessary sexual encounters and sexual assault. Students in the district are already allowed to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice — which has already presented serious issues in other schools. Now, parents must reconsider allowing students to attend overnight school trips or risk their safety while they are made vulnerable as they sleep. 

Last year the Loudoun County sexual assault case shook parents as a male student was convicted of sexually assaulting a female student in the ladies’ room on school grounds. The victim’s father accused the school of attempting to cover up the crime, and was even dragged out of a school board meeting by police. Around the same time, news broke that a Los Angeles student had been dragged into the boys’ bathroom of Hamilton High School and sexually assaulted by a group of male students who filmed the incident and posted it on social media. Many parents feared for their children’s privacy and safety in school with just the implementation of progressive bathroom policies, but now some believe that allowing students to bunk wherever they choose on overnight school trips is going too far.

Despite this, even summer camps are switching to this new form of bunking criteria. Camp Akita, in Ohio, is providing housing to campers based on their gender identity. Similarly, parents will not be informed if their children are bunking with campers of the opposite sex and no plan of action has been published to address camp protocols should an attendee be sexually assaulted or have their privacy violated. Overnight school trips are just the latest education events conforming to LGBTQ ideology. Like the philosophy of “Sey Summer camp” for kids, sexuality and gender preference is taking precedence over scientific biology and student safety regardless of the consequences. 

overnight school trips

Parents who oppose the new overnight school trip policy can address the Linn-Mar Community School Board at their next meeting, but given how various school officials have opposed parental rights and even worked to deem caring mothers and fathers as terrorists, many families do not expect much to come of that. In order to properly get through to public school and protect students many families are having to take legal action or seek alternative education options. How this controversial Gender Support Plan affects the future of the district and its enrollment rates depend on community support and student outcomes.