Online Rant Sparks Debate Over School Traffic Hazards

In an online forum, a mother pledged to block traffic at her child's school where parents illegally park and create traffic safety hazards, but the internet is responding to her plan with different views.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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There has long been debate over who owns the streets: cars or pedestrians. This debate is especially contentious when it comes to the school setting. Proving this, a mother recently sparked a heated online debate over her rant vowing to block traffic by standing in the road outside of her child’s school.

A recent report from Newsweek claims that a user known as ChimneyPot took to Mumsnet – a popular forum site for United Kingdom parents – to complain about the traffic at her child’s school. The outraged mom claims that other parents are illegally parking next to the school to pick up their own kids. She expressed her ongoing frustration, as she has pleaded with many of them in the past not to park illegally out of safety concerns for the children, but her appeals haven’t been able to change the dangerous situation.

Furthermore, the user noted that the school reiterates where parents are allowed to park, but she says that doesn’t stop many from placing their vehicles anywhere they want. Now, the mother says she is going to take matters into her own hands. She plans to begin standing where the cars typically park and block them from being able to.

The user added details to display how serious the traffic matter at this school may be. She noted that the school only has one crossing guard, despite the fact that students come in and out of multiple entrances and cross the street elsewhere around the school. Making the situation worse, she said that the cars will park illegally right up to the street’s ends, blocking walking children’s lines of sight as they go to cross the street.

Some users responded by applauding the parent for taking traffic safety so seriously. “Brilliant, keep doing it,” one user exclaimed. Others joined in, displaying their own personal experiences with school traffic hazards and unthoughtful drivers.

This issue and concern isn’t unique to the concerned mother, as this happens in schools all across America as well. In fact, school parking lots often are considered one of the most dangerous places for traffic. A recent study found that one in three parents fear for their children’s safety to and from school as rushed parents lack respect or the ability to abide by traffic safety rules as they quickly try to get their children to class.

Despite this, some users ridiculed the mother for her decision to block traffic. Some alluded to her behavior as seemingly “Karen” like – insinuating it made her seem like she was having a fit about the matter. One even berated the mother, telling her to teach her kid to walk further down the street before crossing. 


A large number of American families drive their children to school in their own personal cars. With the vast majority of schools being jammed with traffic each morning and afternoon because of this, it’s no wonder, concerned parents, like this mom, are so upset. For decades, motor vehicle crashes were the leading cause of death for children in the United States, only to recently be surpassed by firearms this past year.