Teacher Arrested For Sexual Abuse of 7-Year-Old Girl

By Erika Hanson | Published

Texas teacher

The rate at which teachers are being accused of, and arrested for, child sex crimes is now disturbing. What’s more, it is just one the of many serious factors driving families away from public education, as it appears to be happening in public schools much more than in alternative ones. During the first half of 2022 alone, at least 181 teachers were charged with sex crimes against children. That figure is expected to be well underscored, as now another Texas teacher can be added to that growing list. 

28-year-old Victor Moreno was recently arrested and charged with multiple charges for allegedly abusing a 7-year-old female student at the school he taught at. The crimes are believed to have occurred during his first year as a Texas teacher. What’s more, police fear there may be more cases, as he was a student teacher as well long before this.

While it is unclear what he taught at this time, Fox News reports that the Texas teacher was in his first year at Townsell Elementary School in Irving. The incidents were believed to have occurred over the course of the 2020-2021 school year when the young girl would have been 7 years old and in second grade. As is often common with these types of abuse cases, the child did not report the crime until this past Spring – likely out of confusion and fear over what had happened. 

By the time the crime was reported to authorities, the Texas teacher was long gone from his position at the Townsell Elementary school. According to police reports, Moreno resigned on his own accord because he failed to meet certification requirements. Unfortunately, the teacher seems to have merely moved to another school for employment, in a practice that is associated with what education leaders call passing the trash

The Texas teacher moved on to an unknown position within the Plano Independent School District, where he was employed this past school year. At some point, however, he was fired. All that is known about his termination is that it was for a code of conduct violation, but given the charges against him, many are assuming it may have been related. 

Giving a police statement to the Irving community, officer Robert Reeves asserted that authorities fear there are more victims of this Texas teacher other than the 7-year-old girl. In his statement, Reeves urged anyone who knew Moreno, or families of children that had been taught by him, to have the “difficult discussion” with their kids to investigate whether or not any other foul play was at hand during his time in the community. He pleaded the same to those families that lived within the Plano district. 

texas teacher

Most heinous of all to community members is the fact that a judge set the Texas teacher’s bail low, at just $15,000.  Currently, he is free after posting bail. Given the fact that it is likely he abused more children, families are outraged at this.

The alleged abuse perpetrated by the Texas teacher is just one of the growing reports all across the nation of similar cases in which authoritative figures who are supposed to care for and watch over youth are found to have abused that power, and acted out on horrific sexual crimes against them. It has become an epidemic among youth, as nearly 1 in 10 students in public schools now are victims of sexual abuse.