University Professor Calls For Abolishing An Entire Race Of People

A university professor is under heat for remarks calling for the abolishment of an entire race of people.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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KINSEY, Liam Neeson, 2004, (c) Fox Searchlight/courtesy Everett Collection

A Berkeley University professor is under fire for a now-viral Tweet depicting him calling for the abolishment of an entire race. Zeus Leonardo teaches at the Berkely Graduate School of Education. He was videotaped during a lecture remarking on a subject the professor broaches often, critical race theory. However, with the video clip now being retweeted across the internet, more and more users are speaking out on the outlandish sounding remarks.

See the Tweet below:

Christopher F Rufo was one of the users sharing the viral clip. Rufo, a conservative activist and senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, shared the clip with clear disdain for the Berkeley University professor and his comments as he Tweeted, “This is what teachers are learning.” In the quick 42 second clip, Leonardo is pictured lecturing an assumed class while saying, “To abolish whiteness is to abolish white people. That’s very uncomfortable perhaps, but it asks about our definitions of what race is and what racial justice might mean.”

Furthermore, Rufo went on in his original Tweets comment sections to reiterate his beliefs on critical race theory and the university professor’s remarks on white people. He called for this type of language to be “stigmatized” instead of “subsidized” by taxpayers while also calling for deep structural reform in education. As a director of the Manhattan Institutes’ initiative against critical race theory, the ideals are something Rufo is very passionate about.

As for Leonardo, the Berkeley University professor is often met with raised eyebrows for his stance on critical race theory and remarks on “whiteness”. Leonardo went viral previously in October when an account titled MythinformedMKE shared a virtual discussion in which Leonardo suggests books for his students to read. The list included books detailing what the caption calls “Whiteness Studies”. But more importantly, the professor is heard remarking that white people aren’t actually born white, but rather “become” white through abuse from caregivers and guardians.

The caveat in the critical race feud between Rufo and Leonardo’s remarks remains in the context and beliefs of others. Proponents of critical race theory believe the remarks made by the professor are misrepresenting the underlying objectives. Similarly, it’s important to note that without hearing the lecture, or what was said before the remarks made by the university professor in the 42-second clip, it’s not as easy as simply justifying it as a means for the Berkely Professor to call for the abolishment of an entire race. But on the other hand, conservatives like Rufo see the remarks as yet another highly-offensive jab at what is being called “white oppression”. 

Proponents on the opposite spectrum of the critical race-backed university professor see the argument for the teaching as a double standard. Many argue critical race theory aims to abolish racism by advocating discrimination against white people. Currently, schools nationwide are undergoing the heated debate on whether or not critical race theory should be taught in schools. In Texas, where the GOP just got done voting on the primary ballot positions, voters advanced several candidates running in opposition to critical race theory. All 15 seats for the State Board of Education are up for grabs in November for the heated election that finds more parents invested in the election than ever.