A North Korean Defector Terrified Of Indoctrination Happening In US Schools

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | 2 weeks ago


Many people around the world immigrate into the United States. Some come here to escape horrific conditions others come as students wishing for a well-rounded higher education. As the nation struggles with clashing political ideologies, the stories of those who came here in order to avoid human rights abuses are voicing their opposition to the divisive lessons now being taught in American public schools. Women like, Yeonmi Park, are warning parents, teachers, and lawmakers of indoctrination centered on identity politics

Yeonmi Park escaped socialist North Korea with her mother. They were smuggled into China by human traffickers who abused them. After two years of suffering, she and her mother finally made it to South Korea where Park was able to go to school and begin her journey as a human rights activist and author. She is attending Columbia University and is using her experiences to speak out against “left-wing indoctrination” in the US public education system.

In recent years parents have argued with teachers, school boards, and progressive politicians over identity politics entering classrooms. While equality movements in previous decades afforded individuals countless opportunities, a recent push to further “equity advancement” has entered colleges, sounding the alarm for indoctrination. Public schools are even being funded by The Biden Administration’s Executive Order 13985. Everything from admissions to curriculum, grading policies, and student discipline is now being changed to fit political ideologies which teach that this country is “systematically racist,” that white people are racist by nature, and push socialist policies. 

Many parents have decried this as indoctrination. Park recently agreed based on what she experienced and is witnessing in K-12 American education. She noted in a recent interview that what’s happening in American schools “is exactly the dictator’s handbook.”

She further explained how indoctrination is a common tactic used to control the population. “They always go for young children because they have [not] lived their life enough to… have critical thinking skills. Their brains are very plastic, very malleable, and easy to observe information and believe it and [they’re] innocent,” she said. “And… big killers [who] want to seize power from the people, they always mobilize the youth. And that is the truth that [worries me that], as a parent myself, that I cannot protect my child right now in America.” 

Helen Raleigh has expressed many of the same concerns. As an American who immigrated from China, she grew up in Maoist China. She often speaks and writes against the dangers of socialism utilizing first-hand knowledge to describe the horrors she witnessed as 65 million people died during Mao’s rule. Despite numerous accounts from survivors of tyrannical governments, many college and high school students support socialism. Rebranded as “democratic socialism,” students fall prey to political indoctrination because identity politics are used as a tactic to “divide and conquer.” White students are taught to hate themselves and their heritage. Asians are taught that they often receive good grades and make the highest income level out of any group in the US due to “privilege.” Other people of color are taught that their country hates them and they cannot succeed unless other groups of Americans give up their lifestyles.  


These divisive lessons have been found in every state in the nation. The public school system is utilizing taxpayer dollars for indoctrination and political propaganda. Until parents take back control of education, this will continue being that the federal government is working to insert it into every public school, including alternative education options like charter schools.     

Yeonmi Park’s fears are valid. Her desire to, “move anywhere it takes,” to avoid schools that indoctrinate her child, is one that families in many states have displayed. The mass exodus from blue states was recorded by the 2020 census. Despite this, progressive politicians continue to claim that their methods work. Corporate media networks have been criticized for their ties to leftist politicians and corporations, and even accused of circulating propaganda — something that is so common in oppressive nations that Park admitted, “North Korea is that is so oppressed to the point we don’t even have the word for oppression… There’s actually even the control of the language in words. And this is why it concerns me where there’s such a something called a speech code.” 

When those who escaped tyrannical governments are warning against the dangers of what’s being taught in American schools, utilizing school choice may just provide a necessary escape. So many accounts of K-12 indoctrination have been reported that even the corporate media cannot ignore them all. In order to remain a free country, figures like Yeonmi Park are working to warn others of what they witnessed. The American people are already listening and taking action. Whether the federal government and the public education system will adhere to the people funding them is still uncertain.