Teacher Admits To Spending Months Encouraging Her Middle School Students To Protest

NYC teacher Ariane Franco encourages her students to throw bricks and kneel in protest during the morning pledge of allegiance.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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Teachers hold a lot of influence over their students. This is why so many parents have addressed concerns over what is taught in the classroom and how it is presented. Over the past few years, various teachers have been caught training children to be activists in one-sided political battles, and that is exactly what Ariane Franco has been caught boasting about

Ariane Franco is a New York middle school teacher. But instead of imparting core curriculum knowledge like math, science, or English, she openly admitted to an undercover Project Veritas journalist that she has been teaching students to become violent protesters for months. She specifically instructs them to get organized in order to throw bricks at people that she believes need to change.

She laid out how best to do this. “You want to…I brought up [a] crazy organization that have done this. Like, they chose which places to throw bricks in.” Ariane Franco noted not to do this in their own neighborhoods but to go out of “black and brown communities” to violently attack others. 

While she did not specifically name white, Asian, Jewish, or Middle Eastern communities, these are all non “brown and black” people who have recently been targeted in violent racially charged episodes. Antisemitism has prominent in the black community for decades, and anti-Asian hate crimes increased throughout the pandemic. Whether Ariane Franco will be liable, should one of her students go to jail or be sued for using her activist advice is uncertain. 

Her divisive teachings are not just racially charged but directed at the nation itself. Instead of teaching children to be proud that they live in “the land of the free” where millions of people flee to — in order to escape tyrannical and oppressive regimes — each year, Ariane Franco encourages students to ignore the pledge of allegiance entirely. During the video in question, she said, “I tell them — my kids — we don’t stand up for the Pledge.”

Ariane Franco noted that she originally began taking a knee in the classroom. Although her students followed her, she eventually found this tedious so she switched to ignoring it. She also mentioned that she attempted to change the words for her students, but that did not have the impact she intended.

The name of the school that Ariane Franco works for has yet to be disclosed. This video is the fourth in a new Project Veritas series that specifically focuses on education. The public school system has exploded with incidents of teachers impressing their personal political and ideological beliefs onto children which has led to a mass exodus from the system. 

Ariane Franco

As more and more teachers are outed for impressing radical extremist views onto children, enrollment rates continue to drop. Parents have continuously fought to remove divisive lessons from classrooms but have been met with pushback from teachers’ unions, school boards, and even the federal government. How they will react to Ariane Franco and her teaching practices is an important factor in whether or not she will be removed from her current teaching position, have her teaching license revoked, or suffer legal consequences.