What Parents Need To Know About The Back To School Necklace Trend

What parents need to know about the sinister meaning behind the back to school necklace trend that is said to affect youth.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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Across the country, parents and students are gearing up for the return to school. With that return, many students are hit with a plethora of emotions. For some children, the negative feelings and anxiety about starting a new school year can be overwhelming. Because of that, parents should be aware and attentive to a new trending phrase among students, that centers around back to school necklace talks.

If you hear your child discussing shopping for a back to school necklace, be forewarned that this may not necessarily mean they are looking to purchase some new jewelry. According to Urban Dictionary, it is a euphemism for a noose and refers to the feeling of suicide as students fear the return to the social setting of school. While online trends like this have struck fear in parents for years over theories of hidden phrases with a dark meaning that may or may have not been as terrifying after all, given the heightened rate of suicide and depression among teens, it’s a trend that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Mental health is a serious concern among adolescence, which is why parents should not immediately shrug off the back to school necklace trend. Over the decades, more and more studies have depicted how youth are increasingly struggling to cope with their emotional well-being. Much of this has been brought on by increased use of online social media applications, and more so from isolation and related struggles brought on by the pandemic. 

The issue has become so alarming, that the American Academy of Pediatrics recently declared the child mental health problem in America a national emergency. What’s more, suicide is the second leading cause of death among those aged 15-24, and nearly 20% of high school students contemplate suicide. The return to school can be a daunting, anxiety-boosting event for many kids. To some, negative feelings might consume them and lead them to possibly mention shopping for a back to school necklace, which should be seriously taken as a possible cry for help.

So what should parents do to stay ahead of this alleged trend and on top of their kid’s well-being? To start, it might be a good idea to openly discuss the back to school necklace trend with the child. Simply asking them if they have heard of the phrase can be a good place to start. Overall, having open discussions and checking in on children’s emotional state is always a good idea. Even seemingly happy, healthy children can secretly be struggling on the inside.

Because social media often leads trends like the back to school necklace phrase, another vital tool can be monitoring children’s technology use. Just because a parent may not have heard their child use the phrase doesn’t mean they might not be discussing it on social media. Monitoring messages on social media apps can oftentimes reveal negative feelings and signs of struggle. 

back to school necklace

The back to school necklace trend is said by some news outlets to be a popular phrase being used by gen z children. Media outlets have long reported about potential school trends that some belief have placed unnecessary fear on families. However, mental health in adolescence is something to take seriously, and even if this trend may be overplayed, student well-being is always something that should be monitored and addressed.