See The Heartbreaking Notes Students Put In School Windows After The Brooklyn Subway Shooting

After students were forced to shelter in place following the Brooklyn subway shooting, some posted messages for New Yorkers on the windows.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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Brooklyn subway shooting

New York City is tough, and New York City is unified. On any given day, the Big Apple may be filled with different views from its 8.5 million residents, but at the end of the day, New Yorkers come together in times of need. From the horrors of 9/11 to the deadly terrorist truck attack of 2017, New Yorkers have shown time and time again that they can pull through anything. And the story was no different yesterday during the Brooklyn subway shooting when the city’s youngest citizens shared their sentiments through heartbreaking notes posted on school windows during shelter-in-place lockdowns. 

The New York Post shared a story yesterday showcasing some students in the Sunset Park district of Brooklyn where the nearby Brooklyn subway shooting occurred. After a shooter opened fire in a busy train car at the 36th Street station during the morning rush, schools in the vicinity went into shelter-in-place mode, where some remained that way for the rest of the school day. Some students were photographed posting signs on their school’s windows during the day. One note beseeched, “Make NYC Safe Again.”  Another message read, “Have Hope NYC” with a drawn-in heart attached to the end.

Unfortunately, the Brooklyn subway shooting is not something these young students will likely move on from any time soon. The president of the district’s Community Education council, Camille Casaretti, announced that some of her district students were on the train when the terror occurred. Casaretti also understands that her local community is going to need “a lot of support” over this horrific time. 

As schools were made aware of the Brooklyn subway shooting yesterday, additional police and school safety agents were stationed at schools in the vicinity for dismissal. Shuttle busses also transported students to subway stations at the end of the day. Families were told that there was no plan to shelter in place again tomorrow, but Mark Rampersant, the education department’s security director, did note that schools were putting added measures in place to aid students in returning to school after the traumatic events. Additionally, NYC schools Chancellor David Banks made a statement stating that the New York Police Department will cooperate with school leadership to “ensure safety of our school communities.”

Brooklyn subway shooting

According to CNN updates, a gunman opened fire yesterday morning sending 29 people to the hospital. The suspect is still at large, and the latest updates now show that authorities have named Frank James as a suspect in connection with the Brooklyn subway shooting. James was believed to have rented a U-Haul van that was recovered near the station. 

With the suspect still on the loose, many parents are likely worried today to send their children to school. But it’s not just a problem that started yesterday with the Brooklyn subway shooting. More and more New Yorkers report unease over an uptick in violence. According to the Washington Post, crime has surged in 2022. Robberies are up 50%, and shooting incidents have risen 14% this year. But some feel there is hope, as the city’s new mayor, Eric Adams, who is a former police captain himself, has vowed to make the city safer during his term.