Canadian School Defends Trans Teacher With Massive Prosthetic Bust

A transgender Canadian teacher is under fire for her distracting, extra-large prosthetic chest, and the school district is now ridiculed for defending her.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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An international debate is brewing after a Canadian teacher made headlines for her appearance. The educator in question is a tech shop teacher at Oakville Trafalgar High School near Toronto. Her massive, prosthetic bust is at the heart of the issue in which the school is now criticized for defending her, but some fear that it is her transgender identity that is stirring the pot.

The Canadian teacher first went viral after students began sharing footage of her across social media. Images show the trans in the tech shop equipped with something unavoidable: her extra-large, quite noticeable fake chest, equipped with protruding nipples that easily are visible through her blouses. Today, she is under more fire because of the way she is being protected by the district.

The Toronto Sun reported that the district is standing behind the Canadian teacher, defending her from the onslaught of media and parental backlash. Even popular Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson has picked up the new story, calling her a “sicko” and a “threat to children.”  However, after naming the wrong educator at the high school, the district sent out an announcement asserting that Carlson misidentified the staffer and vowed to protect the true identity of the one being ridiculed. 

Some are claiming that kids are now too uncomfortable to attend the Canadian teacher’s class. The district has reported protests from angry citizens calling for the removal of the unidentified trans teacher. The district now points to its LGBTQ+ inclusivity policy and safety plans to make sure she remains protected during the backlash.

Board members are asserting that the Canadian teacher is effective at her job. Contrary to other reports, some school leaders say that kids enjoy being in her class. Some said that although her presentation is causing a ruckus, there may be nothing that can be done, even if the school wanted to let her go.

Critics argue that the anger has nothing to do with the Canadian teacher’s gender identity, and everything to do with her unprofessional look. One lawyer argued that the school could force the teacher to remove her prosthetic bust and cite a dress code. He said the issue was ironically sexist.

Employment lawyer Sunira Chaudhry said that by supporting the Canadian teacher and her attire, they were furthering the divide over gender rights. Most school dress codes don’t allow for any attire that is deemed distracting. And to critics protesting against the teacher, that is exactly what her large chest is causing.

Even non-trans teachers have made national headlines this school year for their controversial garments. A New Jersey teacher went viral weeks ago after critics weighed in on pictures of her skin-hugging dresses in the classroom. Others defended her right to wear what she wants, arguing that the ridicule was body shaming her large backend. 

It may be a simple matter of inappropriate attire, or it may be something larger in terms of the transgender debate. Either way, everyone seems to have an opinion on this Canadian teacher. With the topic garnering massive attention, all eyes are now on the district to see how they respond and address the situation in the coming weeks.