Angry Parent Alleges Teacher Took His Son To Drag Show Without Permission

A father took to a school board meeting to allege that his underage son's teacher brought him to a drag show, without parent permission.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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There are plenty of reasons that many parents are upset with the conviction that public schools should be bringing gender ideology and LGBTQ+ activism into the classroom. While LGBTQ+ community activists decry this, the claim is that those opposed are only against it out of bias and hate. But parents like the one seen in the video below are proof that the majority of parents are simply concerned about the well-being of their children, as this outraged father alleges his underage son was taken a drag show after school hours, without any permission. 

The video was shared by the popular Twitter account, Libs of Tik Tok. It shows the father appearing before board members of the Houston Independent School District (HISD) to make them aware of what happened with his 16-year-old son and a school teacher, who brought him to a drag show without the parent knowing. But that wasn’t necessarily what bothered the concerned father the most.

On top of taking the student to an unapproved event without even discussing the matter with the father first, the father pointed to further contentious findings at the event. For one, the father showed proof that one of the performers at the event was a convicted pedophile. The father identifies Albert Alfonso Garza, known in the drag community as Tatiana Mala-Ñina, and claims they are a registered sex offender. 

The Post Millenial backed up these claims about the drag show performer, as the popular conservative news site noted that the performer was a registered sex offender who previously participated in the widely-popular drag queen story hour events based out of the Houston chapter of the organization. Additionally, a local Houston news outlet, KHOU, reported back in 2019 that Garza was added to the sex-offender list for crimes against an 8-year-old after he was convicted of performing oral sex on the child. 

Further smearing the LGBTQ+ community, the worried parent noted that the teacher who approved of taking his son to this drag show was also a columnist for About Magazine, a local Houston print publication for LGBTQ advocacy. Diving deeper into his concerns, the father brought forth previous publications from the teacher in the magazine, which he claims involved underage student contributions, again, without permission. 

It is unclear what the parent’s intentions were, as the video does not show the full ordeal from the school board meeting. But more than likely, it was the parent’s intention to simply make the district aware of what their teachers are promoting in these drag shows. Either way, the father’s claims were not taken lightly, and the district quickly announced that they are further investigating the allegations after the Lone Star State’s governor retweeted the video, demanding the matter be looked into. 

These types of accusations are popping up from parents and concerned parties all across the nation.  The claim is that children are being exposed to inappropriate, sexual content at an alarming rate. Many lawmakers are even looking to ban this from happening, as in the case recently where a Texas lawmaker vowed to present a bill in legislation to ban all youth from attending any type of drag show. If it becomes law, parents like this concerned father will not have to worry about incidents like this occurring again.