Teachers Put On Leave For Fake Vaccination Cards

Multiple New York City educators were placed on leave after it was discovered they faked their teacher vaccination records.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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Multiple New York City Department of Education teachers and other staff have been put on administrative leave after it was discovered that they had provided fake COVID vaccination cards. The teacher’s vaccination status was a serious topic of conversation at the start of the 2021-2022 school year, when then-mayor, Bill de Blasio made the new shot a requirement for teaching staff and all administrators. Despite the fact that the vaccines have yet to properly finish clinical trials, and the long-term side effects were unknown at the time of the mandate, millions of teachers had to decide between preserving their own right to medical choice or keeping their livelihood. 

This was the case for many across the nation. Airlines workers, healthcare workers, and even Walmart employees were expected to adhere to corporate vaccine requirements. This was eventually struck down by the Supreme Court after 27 different states filed lawsuits against the intrusive mandate, but while the country awaited due process, numerous teachers had to make a decision. Plenty protested, walked out, and even flat-out quit leaving long-lasting damage to the public education system instigated by political intervention in American individual rights. Yet some teachers sought other teacher vaccination options. 

teacher vaccination

Instead of leaving a beloved profession and abandoning children whose parents could not homeschool or afford private school, some teachers faked vaccination cards. This allowed them to do their job and teach their students without taking an experimental vaccine that is still under the protection of the emergency use authorization — which prevents individuals injured or killed by experimental vaccines from receiving compensation from big pharmaceutical companies and/or the United States Government that so avidly marketed the vaccines as “safe and effective.” These teachers understood vaccination risks, being that the virus proved to be extremely less deadly or harmful to them or their students than originally predicted. Not only that but the average age of death from covid at the height of the hysteria was, according to the US Surgeon General, 80 years old. 

It became clear that the virus wasn’t as deadly as predicted. Covid deaths in the US were reported to affect just 0.11% of the population during the course of 2020 (375,000 to more than 331 million citizens). In 2021 460,000 deaths were reported which increased that rate to 0.13%. Then, after the CDC’s own director admitted that 75% of those deaths had at least 4 other varying factors in the patient’s loss of life, and a recent study found that about only 5% of tabulated COVID deaths were purely deaths from COVID-19, the death rate drops even further. It has been recalculated that between .005%  and .05% of the American population died from COVID-19 in 2020, and that alone during the worst of the pandemic. Those who chose not to adhere to teacher vaccination requirements were likely privy to these concerns, among others, like the fact that an increase in deadly myocarditis cases in young people was quickly linked to these “safe and effective” vaccines. 

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In addition, the efficacy of these vaccines has been difficult to determine. The CDC doesn’t even list the efficacy rate. It only states that “no vaccine is 100% effective.” The WHO estimated it to be around 50%, while other studies claim the rate is around 86%. As if that weren’t confusing enough, some sources claimed that the new COVID vaccines were only effective against the original strain, not the variants. Add in the fact that roughly 40% of individuals who did get infected were asymptomatic (meaning they never displayed a single symptom) and the “pandemic” did less to spread a “deadly disease” and more to further political agendas and challenge the American people’s rights, especially regarding teacher vaccination status for educators.

When teachers face a vaccination ultimatum to inject an experimental substance into their body or lose the inability to support themselves and their families the question of whether or not these vaccines are actually voluntary is raised. Now that the Supreme Court ruling has been in effect for months, the New York City Department of Education no longer lists COVID vaccination requirements in classroom settings. The state does still require the controversial shot to participate in school sports or to coach, which may explain the drop in youth sports participation. Regardless, the teachers who presented fake COVID teacher vaccination records are being reprimanded during a nationwide teacher shortage amid record enrollment drops. Based on this alone, parents and teachers alike may not see the future of The Big Apple as entirely organic.