Georgia School’s New Logo Halted For Resembling Nazi Symbol

A Georgia school recently changes its logo, and is under fire from the local Jewish community because of its resemblance to a Nazi symbol.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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In Marietta, Georgia one school is under fire for similarities between its new logo and that of a Nazi symbol. East Side Elementary sits across the street from a synagogue. Some parents, The American Jewish Committee, and Twitter users have expressed outrage at the new logo and are demanding it be redesigned as soon as possible. 

The symbol depicts the shadow of an eagle with outstretched wings, with the school’s initials situated inside the bird’s body. Many believe it too closely resembles the Nazi eagle, a symbol which depicts an eagle with outstretched wings sitting atop a swastica place in the center of a circle. When unveiled, the Georgia school officials noted that this design was made to represent students soaring into excellence and that this image was designed based off of the American army colonel eagle wings.  

The American Jewish Committee took to Twitter to decry the Georgia school’s new logo. They indicated that more holocaust lessons need to be taught in schools, especially being that so many young Americans don’t even know that the Nazi eagle was a symbol used by Germans during Hitler’s reign. Most students are merely taught about the swastika and equate that to the historically oppressive and destructive political movement.

While many agreed that the Georgia school should apologize, some chalked it up to an honest mistake. Being that eagle is the nation’s bird and logos are now so commonly trademarked that designing a free license image is becoming more challenging, the similarities are not so highly detailed as to prove harmful intent. A Jewish Twitter user affiliated with East Side Elementary expressed understanding, noting that her family, “has always felt loved and welcome,” by the school. She called the strange resemblance to the Nazi symbol an “honest oversight.”

Due to the outrage being expressed by so many individuals and organizations, the Georgia school principal released an email to families. It noted that everyone’s concerns are being reviewed and the logo is being reconsidered. He also mentioned the importance of “stakeholder input” and a consideration for changes to be made if the image is deemed to be similar to the Nazi symbol. 

Comments from those unaffiliated with the school are not expected to sway the Georgia school’s decision, as the logo is meant to unify students and represent their spirit. Whether a simple image of an eagle with school initials can be considered too similar to the Nazi eagle symbol or not depends on how students and parents feel about the situation. Eagles have been utilized in images and artwork for many generations. Well before and after the holocaust, eagles  — and birds in general —have represented freedom.

While many are outraged at the Georgia school’s depiction of an Eagle with outstretched wings, the image’s resemblance to the Nazi eagle symbol can be chalked up to a simple mistake, or the fact that outstretched eagle wings are a common image of most branches of the American military and other nation’s artwork. From the Marine Corps, to the Navy, the Air Force, and the Coast Guard, the new East Side Elementary logo is more similar to these American depictions. Whether the new logo will remain or not is dependent upon how students and parents view the image, not public scrutiny or Twitter pressure.