23-Year-Old Substitute Charged For Sexually Assaulting Student

A 23-year-old Georgia substitute was arrested for sexually assaulting a young minor student off of school property.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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A former Georgia substitute teacher has been charged with 11 counts of sexual assault against a student under the age of 16. This 23-year-old male was arrested Wednesday and is being held without bond. As yet one of many sexual assault cases initiated by teachers against students this year, parents and students are shocked and frustrated. 

Christopher Brennan Young was a Georgia substitute teacher for the East Hall High School in Gainesville. Although the incidents did not occur on school property, the district is no longer employing the 23-year-old perpetrator and states that it fully supports the victim and her family. Young had been subject to a background check before working for the school last year and was cleared, so this is likely his first reported offense. 

Investigators discovered cellphone videos of the sexual assaults on the Georgia substitute’s cell phone. This led to 11 different charges. He is being tried for two counts of aggravated sexual battery, and child molestation, as well as six counts of violating the Computer Pornography and Child Exploitation Prevention Act of 1999, in addition to a single count of aggravated sodomy. 

These forms of abuse are becoming so commonplace that parents are unsure of how to combat them. While many schools and lawmakers are focused on preventing school shootings, something that affects 1 in 10 million students, the majority are completely ignoring the ongoing child sexual abuse epidemic that affects 1 in 10 students. Although the Georgia substitute is young and seemingly acted alone, other teachers have taken different routes, even sharing videos of their crimes with other teachers who wish to sexually exploit underage children.

Just last month a “WOKE” Hawaii teacher not only continuously sexually abused a 13-year-old student, he shared images and videos of the acts with a teacher in another state, and even vilified conservatives on social media, pretending that they are the true child predators — knowing full well that he was breaking the law, and showing no remorse. This sexualization of children by teachers is exactly why many states are passing parental rights laws which outlaw teaching young students identity politics and sexual education, because young children and even teenagers are easily groomed by teachers who work in positions of power with them every day. The exact details of each case may vary, but similarities between the charges filed against the Georgia substitute and those being pressed against other educators are striking. 

Throughout this year, many of the child sexual abusers have not just harmed children through their actions, but also recorded these acts. In many cases, the videos are shared and that is how investigators are able to catch the criminals. While the fate of the Georgia substitute depends on his trial, parents need to warn children not only about grooming and sexual abuse, but also the role that technology is playing in these predatory perversions. 

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Schools, which are desperate to fill vacant teaching positions, are supporting efforts to make it easier to become a teacher as children continue to be put in harm’s way. Whether districts plan to develop better vetting processes, or outreach programs to better equip students with the information needed to get help as soon as a teacher abuses them is uncertain. For now, the Georgia substitute is behind bars and another school is expressing sympathy without further action.