Kamala Harris Slammed For Not Wearing Mask In Crowd Of Masked Students

Vice President Kamala Harris is being ripped apart for a picture showing her standing in a crowd of masked students while unmasked.

By Sharon Norbury | Published

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Who would have ever guessed that a mouth and nose covering would cause so much controversy? But alas, here we are, three years into the COVID pandemic perpetually arguing over masks efficacy and mandates. To make matters worse, lawmakers and government leaders love to bring politics into play with the topic, and that’s exactly what happened earlier this week when Kamala Harris was roasted for not wearing a mask in a crowd of masked-up schoolchildren.

The Vice President made a guest appearance this past Monday at the Thomas Elementary School in Washington, D.C. Kamala Harris appeared at the school to promote the Biden administration’s new efforts to make schools around the nation more energy efficient. But what has everyone on the internet talking about Harris’ school visit wasn’t the green initiative she was backing, but her lack of masking that went viral.

One picture, in particular, has been shared countless times and has grabbed the attention of many conservative opponents to the leaders in charge. The picture showcases Kamala Harris posing in the school’s gymnasium with a group of students. Of the dozen or so kids, all of them appear to be masked, except Harris. 

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz shared a video of Kamala Harris making her way to the podium to speak at the school, as he Tweeted, “Kamala Harris: Rules for thee but not for me.” Tommy Piggot, the director for the Republican National Committee wrote, “In the Democrats’ anti-science dystopia, the only person who doesn’t need to wear a mask is Kamala Harris.” Former Trump advisor Stephen Miller Tweeted, “So wrong on so many levels.”

What each of these individuals was signaling is the double-standard claimed to be taking over democracy. Other than being against mandates, opponents say that the government’s reasoning to mandate masks, but not wear them themselves sometimes, embodies what they believe could be our nation’s dictatorship future. Similarly, they claim the double standard promotes inequality. But regardless, it’s important to understand the entire context of the situation regarding Kamala Harris going maskless at the school.

Other pictures shared yesterday show Kamala Harris with other students at the Thomas Elementary School who were also unmasked. The reason for this is that masking was optional. The Vice President’s office told Fox News Digital yesterday that her reasoning for ditching the mask was because of this. Kamala Harris is also fully vaccinated. Like Harris, many fully vaccinated individuals choose to go maskless now. Research claims that vaccinated people are not only less likely to become severely ill from COVID, but also less likely to spread it to others. 

This incident with Kamala Harris wasn’t the first time a Democratic leader has been ripped for the double standard. Former Georgia Representative Stacey Abrams made headlines in February as she was criticized for appearing next to a group of masked schoolchildren without a face mask on herself. Before that, New York Representative Jamaal Bowman, another mask mandate supporter, was photographed maskless at a high school where students were masked-up.  And even the speaker of the House herself, Nancy Pelosi came under fire when she attended a wedding without a mask. Critics blasted her due to the fact that masks, at the time, were still mandated inside California schools.