See A Mom’s Amusing School Shopping Rant That Has Teachers Applauding

See the viral video of a mom hilariously rant about parents that complain about back to school shopping in which they buy class supplies.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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It’s that time of year again that many school parents both love and dread: back-to-school shopping season. As summer winds down, and children and parents alike are both struggling to keep at their wit’s end over summer vacations that mean the kids are at home for longer periods of time, many parents can’t wait for that first day of school to come, just so they can get a little peace and quiet in the house. But at the same time, this period comes with the unpleasant task of hitting the stores for school shopping needs. Given the fact that inflation is burning a hole in many parents’ wallets when it comes to needed school supplies, one mom’s hilarious video rant about school shopping is making its comeback across social media outlets and has many educators thankful for the much-needed gag. See the video for yourself below.

Viral comedian mom Dena Blizzard has been putting smiles on the faces of teachers and parents for years, with her quippy videos poking fun at the emotional roller coaster journey that is known as parenthood. Back in 2017, she made a video that continues to have a resurgence at the beginning of each school year, in which she strolls through a Target for some school shopping, and addresses something on many parents’ minds. While it may be viewed as a dreaded task to shell out funds for teachers’ classroom supplies, Blizzard points out that it’s a small endeavor compared to what teachers offer every parent: nearly nine months each year of peace and quiet in the home.

Leaving homeschooling families out of this picture, the fact today is that many parents now work from home. So imagine how daunting summers can be for those that have to balance work schedules and children’s entertainment during these off-school months. To Blizzard, this gag video is a direct message to these families; be thankful for what teachers are “offering” you. “I will give you anything to take my kids” Blizzard pleads while adding odd school shopping items to her cart in the video. She even pleads with teachers, offering to buy them things like luggage, carpets, and alcohol. 

Opening another can of worms, the mother of three even addressed reluctant moms that complain about having to buy school supplies for the classroom while back to schools shopping. This year, this part of the message is likely felt harder than ever, as inflation has now made school supply costs skyrocket. The truth of the matter is that the average family will spend $864 per child this year on back-to-school shopping. However, Blizzard is just trying to make light of the situation, such as when she points out that she has heard parents complain about having to purchase a box of Kleenex or pencils for the classroom.

Overall, Blizzard’s amusing video was meant to raise awareness of the fact that teachers are tasked with much responsibility throughout the school year, and the act of purchasing a few extra supplies while school shopping may cost families a bit more but can serve as a huge help for educators in the classroom. Most teachers spend about $750 on out-of-pocket expenses, with some reporting spending upwards of $1,000 during the 2020-2021 school year. For this reason alone, educators are praising the funny mom for bringing awareness to all that teachers offer.

After the video first went viral in 2017, Blizzard spoke with Today about what prompted her to make the hilarious school shopping video. She noted that as a mom, and a sister to a 5th-grade teacher, she understands just how dedicated teachers are to the children they serve, and how much of their free time and money they put into making the classroom a welcoming and equipped environment in order to foster learning. Now that the video has once again made its rounds on social media, Blizzard likely is hoping that during times of increased scrutiny on education, the video will reach the needed audience once again.