Teacher Charged For Sending Nudes To Student After Hearing That He Liked Her

An Oklahoma teacher is being charged with sending nude photos to a student on social media because she thought he liked her.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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Oklahoma teacher

The 2021-2022 school year is shaping up to be a historic one in terms of reported sex crimes perpetrated by school faculty and teachers. Recently,  we reported that 135 teachers had been charged with sex crimes in 2022 alone. That’s equivalent to nearly one incident per day, without even taking into account the weekends. A major trend following many of these allegations is the alarming rate at which young female educators are found to be the perpetrators of these heinous acts. Following that swing is the recent story of an Oklahoma teacher, who is being charged for sending nude photos to a student after she heard rumors he liked her. 

Ivy Reneau was a teacher at Midwest City Middle school. According to reports from a local news station, KFOR, she met a high school student at an after-school soccer practice. Police investigations show that the Oklahoma teacher added the student to social media, where she engaged in inappropriate conversations with him, along with sending him nude photos of herself. When she added him, she sparked up conversations with him stating that she had heard he liked watching her run at soccer practice.

The relationship was discovered by one of the student’s teachers. She overheard him discussing the matter with other students in class. In police documents, the faculty member claimed she heard him admit that a teacher was sending him nudes. After bringing these findings to authorities, police found photographs on the student’s Snapchat account of the Oklahoma teacher topless, posing sideways in a mirror, among other inappropriate conversations.

Making the situation even more sinister, the high schooler allegedly threatened the Oklahoma teacher with extortion. It is unclear when this happened,  as it could have either been before or after she had first sent him the elicit picture. But at some point, the boy attempted to blackmail Reneau, insisting she send him money through Cash App. He told her that he would “ruin her career” if she didn’t send him $120. More than likely, the blackmail came after Reneau sent the nudes.

Additionally, court documents depict the Oklahoma teacher’s initial response to the allegations. Admitting the events did, in fact, take place, she noted that she knew it was wrong. However, she denied ever having a physical relationship with him and attempted to justify her actions by saying that she thought he was 18. 

Despite whether or not the student was of legal age of consent, it is illegal to form a sexual relationship with a student in most states. The middle school at which the Oklahoma teacher worked swiftly fired her following the allegations. A warrant is now out for her arrest, but as of the story’s publication last week, she still had not turned herself into authorities. She is faced with a felony charge for using technology to engage in communication for sexual or prurient interest with a minor. She could face fines up to $10,000, jail time of up to ten years, or possibly both. 

Oklahoma teacher

Unfortunately, stories like this are becoming a normal occurrence in America. And social media only seems to be worsening the problem. Cases like this one involving the Oklahoma teacher only give more substantiation to the belief that teachers and students need to keep relationships strictly business. In other words, it’s a slippery slope when educators form any type of relationship with a student outside of the classroom, despite the best of intentions.