Portland Schools Pushing Radical Gender Ideologies On Kindergartners?

It looks like Portland schools are pushing some radical general ideologies on students as young as kindergarten.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

70% Of American Voters Object To Gender Identity Lessons In Elementary School

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Portland is a progressive city known to follow controversial ideologies. From segregating college students by race to putting tampons in the boy’s room Portland schools are known for over-the-top policies. It has recently been discovered that taxpayer-funded Portland Public Schools are actively teaching students gender theory instead of scientific biology. 

Chris Rufio leaked documents last week that may explain why 20% of elementary school students have left Portland schools, and 7,000 teachers have abandoned Oregon’s teaching profession. These public schools are no longer merely teaching tolerance of individuals who are different, they are actively working to misinform students about biology, history, and the nature of human interactions. From as young as Kindergarten, these schools are teaching sexuality and working to impress the false idea that “white colonizers” created the gender binary.

Who cares that for thousands of years men and women joined in unions to have children and raise families? Apparently, even though this is a key element of ancient cultures — from Ancient Egyptians to Aboriginals to Native Americans — Portland Public Schools wish to teach children that while Europeans made this idea up and that biology has no bearing on human lifestyles. Apparently, Children are taught that privileged white heterosexuals specifically created a two-sex gender system so they can oppress LGBTQIA2S+ individuals (even though this acronym didn’t exist for most of human history and genderqueer individuals have always been a small minority of the population).

Kindergartners in Portland schools are no longer taught to protect their “private parts” from strangers, or teachers like those in Portland who have been arrested for sex crimes against minors. Now, they are taught to focus on their “middle parts” and that any part of the body can be private. Diagrams of both the male and female reproductive “parts” are displayed but children are taught that “any gender and kid can have any type of body.”

This goes well beyond aiding gender-confused children through issues with their bodies. If anything it creates gender confusion by teaching children that the two distinct types of reproductive organs do not lead to two corresponding types of bodies that are biologically understood and have been accepted as fact for thousands of years. As if this weren’t confusing enough, Portland schools’ K-2 students are taught that gender is a form of self-expression. 

There is an entire section in the curriculum on pronouns. Students are advised to respect all pronouns and apologize if they use the wrong ones. The Portland schools curriculum does not list whether or not students will be punished for “misgendering” anyone or “deadnaming” them but that has come into some public school domain. 

It is 4th and 5th grade when the Portland school curriculum begins to tie history to gender theory. 10 and 11 years old children are taught that white colonizers set out to erase genderqueer people and destroyed their diverse sexualities. The lesson goes further to correlate gender identity to vain displays of fashion. From hairstyles to nail polish preference and accessories, these style options are now being marked as “gender expression” instead of self-expressions that allows children to be more than just their sexuality.  

The Portland schools’ gender theory lessons vilify gendered language and completely ignore that many other cultures have completely different phrases and terms based on the sex of the person being mentioned. Colorful infographics are used to promote the LGBTQIA2S+ community. Queer culture is presented as a fun movement full of people who love to host dance parties.  

As more of these materials are released, more parents are pulling their children from public schools. While most individuals support tolerance and providing a safe healthy environment for all, teaching children that biology is irrelevant and that “white colonizers” explored various areas to oppress gay culture is not only inaccurate but dangerous for children’s well-being.

White children who are taught to hate themselves and their culture are more likely to experience emotional distress. And gender-confused children are more than twice as likely to experience psychological issues than children who are raised understanding the body’s reproductive organs, and the fact that they are made to reproduce in adulthood. The Portland school’s K-5 sexuality lessons are entering schools across the nation and parents who wish to protect their children from this indoctrination must beware and seek alternative education options.