Biden Makes Shocking Remark About Spanish Speaking Students

President Biden hosted a Cinco de Mayo event at the white house, where he made some confusing remarks about Spanish-speaking students.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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President Biden

Presidents’ ability to helm the nation is always under question. When it comes to President Joe Biden, that notion is felt strongly. Furthering opposer’s claims that President Biden does not have the cognitive ability to run America, the 46th President made some head-scratching remarks in regards to Spanish-speaking students last week. Read the full quote below.

“Twenty-five out of every 100 children in grades kindergarten through senior in high school speak Spanish,” Biden stated. “Twenty-five out of every 100. It’s overwhelming the interest of not only those kids but of all Americans that we invest – we invest in the community. And we’ll conquer and honor and lift up all those folks who in fact, are, have gotten in the way.”

President Joe Biden
president biden

On May 5th, the White House hosted a Cinco de Mayo reception alongside Mexico’s First Lady as the guest of honor. The event honored the impact that Mexican-Americans have on America’s society. But when it was President Biden’s turn to deliver words of wisdom, some of his remakes had many wondering what he was even talking about.

President Biden made thorough points when he discussed the growing number of students throughout the nation that speak Spanish. Of English language learners inside classrooms, Spanish speaking students make up the majority of those numbers, according to the Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA). But regardless of Biden’s facts, his comments about “conquering” and “honoring” those who have gotten in the way are nearly impossible to comprehend or dissect.

When discussing those who have “gotten in the way” President Biden might have been alluding to the struggles Spanish-speaking students face in the classroom. There is a vastly growing number of American-Latino students in America’s public schools. And although many of those schools have support to teach classes in both English and Spanish, a report from USA Today says it’s not enough to help those children excel.

President Biden’s administration has long supported increased immigration and expanded Spanish-language resources for migrants. Quickly after taking office, his administration reactivated a Spanish version of the official website for the White House. The site was previously removed under Trump’s tenure in office. In October, the president’s administration also announced initiatives to advance equity and opportunities for Latino communities across the United States. 

Before President Biden’s unusual remarks at the Cinco de Mayo event, the White House has been vigilantly guarding the 79-year-old’s accessibility to the press. So far this year, he has only joined one news organization for an interview. Furthermore, Fox News reports that the reason the Biden administration seldom uses the backdrop of the Oval Office for public events is that his aides fear he may go off script. 

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Even before moving into the White House, many Americans questioned Biden’s cognitive abilities. The Hill recently reported on concerns over memory lapses, losses of temper, and public outbursts that have led many to wonder whether or not President Biden suffers from a cognitive disorder such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Furthermore, the president’s overall approval rating continues to wane, falling to a record 40% at the end of March, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll

President Biden’s Cinco de Mayo remarks about America’s Spanish-speaking students are becoming a norm for the 46th President. But at a time of great divide, are his efforts attempting to bring Americans closer together, or only furthering that divide? Regardless of his intent, it’s a scary time to mess up even the most innocent of words. And given the President is expected to make another run for office again in 2024, many Americans from both sides of politics are quite concerned.