High School Senior Graduates With Impressive Feat

A high school senior just graduated with an impressive feat, never missing a single day of school in her perfect attendance record.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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High school seniors often graduate from the public school system with some impressive feats. Some graduate top of their class, commemorating the success with graduation speeches, and sometimes added perks like free access to local community colleges and scholarship opportunities. In other odd stories, some celebrate graduation decades after being prohibited to because of past due library book fees. And then there are those who graduate triumphantly boasting high attendance rates, as in the case of a student this year being recognized for graduating without ever missing a day of school in her perfect attendance record.

The Washington Examiner reports that Lindsey Frost, a senior this year at San Marcos High School in California graduates with her class this year with a rare and often unheard of feat; perfect attendance. Showing up for the bell to ring every single morning of school for 13 years, this high school senior went to school for 2,353 school days straight. For Frost, this journey to perfect attendance drove her since she was a tot in kindergarten.

Lindsey recalls the heartening feeling she felt during the end of that school year when she was bestowed with the perfect attendance award. To her, it was an easy goal to aim for, as instead of focusing on academics and grades, it simply meant she merely had to show up each day. Furthermore, Frost said that by the age of 10, she knew it was an achievement she would strive for throughout her public education journey. 

Despite thinking she was setting her expectations low for accomplishment, perfect attendance isn’t the only success of this recent grad. Proving that simply showing up each and every day pays off, the 18-year-old graduated from her high school with an impressive 4.31 GPA. Additionally, she completed five AP college courses during her high school years, getting a head start on her college path.

For decades, research has over and over again proven that school attendance is connected to academic success. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) schoolchildren who attend classes on a regular basis produce higher grades than those who are not in class customarily. The first years of school are said to be detrimental to these findings, as one study found that absenteeism in kindergartners produced much more negative consequences in first grade via lower levels of reading, math, and overall academic achievement. It doesn’t necessarily need to be perfect attendance, but there is no denying that those who show up more often are far more likely to succeed down the road. 

Not only is perfect attendance an added bonus to boast about later in life, but it will likely aid Frost throughout her journey into the workforce. She noted that above all, she is excited to tell her future children someday about it. However, being able to tout something like this on a resume will likely land her a plethora of job opportunities as well. 

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Lindsey Frost isn’t the first student ever to graduate with perfect attendance, and she won’t be the last. But given the state of the nation reeling from a grueling few years of learning loss and school closures, the high school graduate’s feat is more impressive than ever. Up next for the driven teen is a college degree. Linsdey told local News CBS8 that she is attending Rice University next fall – and just maybe – she will keep up that perfect attendance streak.