High School Senior Accepted To Every Ivy League School

An ambitious high school senior did the unthinkable this year, and was accepted into every Ivy League school in America.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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Ivy League

Every year, college aspiring high school seniors eagerly await to hear back from colleges and universities to see where they were accepted. A small selection even get lucky and receive the seal of acceptance from their top desired schools. Thousands of them apply to Ivy League schools, the most prestigious in the nation. But few can boast of being accepted to one, let alone multiple – unless their name is Ashley Adirika. This Florida high school senior did the unthinkable and was accepted by each and every one. 

Ashley Adirika is an ambitious teenager from the Miami Beach Senior High School. According to CNN, the student shot big and applied to a plethora of distinguished universities throughout the nation. On Ivy Day – the decisive spring day each year when the eight Ivy League schools announce their acceptances for new freshmen – the senior was pleasantly surprised. She had been accepted by every single one.

The 17-year-old told CNN she was flabbergasted, and never dreamed she would be accepted to all eight Ivy League schools. These universities – viewed around the globe as some of the most elite – are extremely hard to get into. The eight schools consist of Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, Yale University, and Harvard.

Getting into even one of these Ivy League schools is viewed as a major feat. When Ashley was accepted into them all, one can only imagine how significant this was, especially this year. Historically, the acceptance rate into one of these colleges or universities is around 9%. But this year, the competition was much more fierce. At a record low, the average acceptance rate for the class of  2023 was only 6.78%. Harvard was much lower, with only a 3.2% acceptance rate.

With the lowest level of acceptance, Harvard just so happens to be the school that Ashley decided on attending. That’s not all, as Harvard, and others, even offered the student a full scholarship ride. At the Cambridge, Maine Ivy League school, she will study government.

At her high school, she is known as an impressive debate contender and loves being involved in the student council. Because of her passions, she plans on transferring to law school after her Ivy League undergraduate studies. She hopes to become a lawyer and study policy, specifically to help empower communities. 

While almost unheard of, Ashley Adirika isn’t the first high school senior to ever be accepted to every Ivy League school. In 2017, CNN reported that two seniors across the nation were similarly accepted by each and every one. The year before, Harold Ekeh touted this rare feat. 

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On top of being accepted to all eight Ivy League schools this year, Ashley Adirika also was approved to a handful of other elite colleges and universities. The senior was also accepted into prestigious schools like Stanford, Vanderbilt, and Emory. Now as the 17-year-old prepares for her big move up the east coast, she tells reporters she has created a keepsake box to carry with her containing all her acceptance letters, as a forever reminder of her impressive feat.