Teacher Leaves Education Behind To Make Millions On OnlyFans

Courtney Tillia left her low paying education career behind to make millions of dollars modeling on OnlyFans.

By Erika Hanson | Published

National Teacher Unions Have Lost 200,000 Members

Courtney Tillia

There are many reasons for the extensive teacher shortage crisis America now faces. But one of the leading factors is believed to be lack of pay. Fed up with not being able to make ends meet, educators are leaving the field they once sought out for better-paying alternatives. Some are looking to Wal-Mart careers, while others are turning to alternative gigs like Outschool to make more dough. But former teacher Courtney Tillia has figured out how to make millions leaving her classroom days behind, and making a fortune for herself on OnlyFans.

34-year-old Courtney Tillia once worked with special needs students in an Arizona school. But even a master’s degree in education would not be enough to help her earn the millions she racks in today. Yearning for financial freedom, the high school teacher ditched her career to share explicit photos of herself on OnlyFans. Just a few years later, she has turned her sexy photos into more than a million dollars.

When speaking with The New York Post, Courtney Tillia discussed her decision to shift gears and put away the pencils and rulers. She noted that her family “struggled financially.” And doing what many determined individuals would do, she saw an opportunity to turn her burdens around and make millions doing so. 

Courtney Tillia wasn’t alone in feeling the affliction of being a teacher. Her sentiments echo thousands of others all across the nation. Many teachers take on hefty loans to pay for their college degrees and teacher certifications — only to turn around and be offered minimal salaries that barely allow them to pay for housing and groceries. On top of that, educators often pull from their own pockets to pay for their classroom supplies, which can reach upwards of $1,000 a year.

According to reports from Business, the majority of Americans (80%) believe that educators are underpaid. The national average salary for a teacher is $58,260. However, newly certified teachers often begin their jobs making less than $35,000 annually. While it is well-reported how much Courtney Tillia now makes thanks to OnlyFans and her loyal supporters, it is unknown what she brought home as an educator. 

On her new budget, Courtney Tillia doesn’t have to worry about paying the bills. She reports that she can afford to take luxurious vacations for herself and her family. But the ex-teacher isn’t stingy with her cash. She also donates a portion of her proceeds to homeless shelters in Los Angeles, where she recently relocated her family.

Courtney Tillia

As OnlyFans popularity grows, people making money off the sex work site like Courtney Tillia continue to face criticism for their decisions. Other past educators have made headlines for their choices. One teacher was even fired after it was discovered she was moonlighting as an OnlyFans model

However, Courtney Tillia and others continue to defend their decisions. The ex-teacher reports that her husband is supportive of her decision, and she uses her life-altering decision to teach her four children to look at the world with an open-minded perspective. “I guess I’m a sex worker. But I’m not ashamed of that,” she said. 

Today, Courtney Tillia brings in millions not just via OnlyFans, but also through life coaching, in which she helps other aspiring women learn the ins and outs of the business. Not only does she make more money than she ever could have dreamed of as a teacher, but she is also likely to delight in the removal of stressors educators face day in and day out. Not everyone may agree with her life choices, but either way, the young mother and former teacher is obviously very happy with her decision to leave education behind.