Teacher Under Fire After Promoting Her OnlyFans Account

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

Indiana teacher

An Indiana teacher thought she could promote her OnlyFans page without repercussions. She claimed that her profile was clean, but it was discovered that she posted fully nude photos and even sold one. Now she has been fired and even harassed the journalist who discovered her inappropriate activity. 

Sarah Seales has been working at a public school collaborative with the National Guard Armory called the Department of Defense STARBASE. Since 2016 she, helped teach 5th grade students STEM lessons. Her nickname with the students was “Buttercup,” and oddly enough that was the name this Indiana teacher chose for her OnlyFans pornography handle. 

She also goes by the name Sarah Juree on social media, but it wasn’t her names that got her fired. She posted at least 5 fully naked photos on the known pornography site and even sold one. Real News Michigan originally broke the story. The journalist to obtain the information, French York, contacted the Indiana teacher and was told that her site was “clean.” When the journalist showed her the naked photo that had been sold, Seales threatened to sue under copyright infringement. 

Instead of examining her behavior, the Indiana teacher, along with a friend, began to harass the journalist who discovered the photos. Sarah pleaded with social media followers in a post describing herself as a “single mama.” She admitted that she has an OnlyFans account but continued to claim that it was “clean.” She falsely accused the journalist of having ill intent, left out his profession and the fact that he contacted her regarding the story, as well as pretended that she was being harassed by a misogynist. 

During her crusade to convince her audience that she was a victim, it was also discovered that the Indiana teacher had been married to a convicted child molester during her time teaching for the DOD STARBASE. He was charged in 1998 and spent 3 years in prison. This only further complicates the situation.

When the story was posted to Facebook Sunday night, someone reported it and the news page was suspended for 3 days. The big tech giant has been accused of censoring information, and despite harsh rules against posting political content due to “misinformation” claims, Facebook somehow “overlooked” over 300 child exploitation cases according to a 2020 report. Whether the Indiana teacher flagged the article is unknown, but the story was eventually posted and Sarah Seales AKA Sarah Juree AKA Buttercup, has been fired from her teaching position. 

Indiana teacher

Selas is not the only teacher who has been caught leading a double life on OnlyFans. Many women post nude photos and videos for money on the site. It is lucrative activity that some believe needs to be normalized, but while any woman can choose to be paid for showing her naked body, the ethical concerns surrounding those who work with children and do so continue to frustrate parents and school leaders.

The fact that Seals was married to a convicted child molester is also a serious problem being that she had close access to children and seems to have no problem blurring the lines between sexual content and teaching, being that she used her students’ nickname for her as her pornographic name. She has also yet to apologize or publicly display any remorse. She announced her termination on OnlyFans and thanked her followers for their support. An Indiana teacher no more, whether Seales continues her pornography page or seeks education employment elsewhere is unknown.