Chicago Teachers Union Being Defunded After Sharing Race-Based Lessons?

Members of the Chicago Teachers Union have been exposed for teaching race-based lessons in the classroom after a whistleblower came forward.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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race-based lessons

Members of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) have been exposed for teaching race-based lessons in the classroom. A whistleblower from the CTU shared Facebook posts from the union’s closed group page where teachers openly discussed implementing lessons that teach students about “white privilege,” the “patriarchy,” white supremacy, and systematic racism. Now charges may be filed as Illinois prohibits the use of taxpayer funding for political activities and a movement to defund the CTU is growing. 

Within the CTU Facebook group teachers proudly boasted of inserting race-based lessons into curriculum. Illinois teachers have been instructed to avoid harmful political discussions in the past, but educators have chosen not to adhere. A CTU executive, Jackson Potter, forced students to study the “patriarchy, materialism, and white supremacy,” for the entirety of class during 2 days of the school year. A CTU executive board member, Sarah Chambers, admitted to teaching about Christopher Columbus by stealing items from students to display how she believed that everything in the United States was stolen from people of color. 

While teachers and school staff are allowed to utilize their free time to support whatever political ideology they choose, bringing personal race-based lessons into the classroom in the name of political righteousness is something parents have been fighting against for the past few years. Parents have voiced countless concerns over the divisive nature of teaching children to judge each other based on what they look like instead of the content of their character, yet their input has been ignored in areas that support one-sided political rhetoric. These parents’ tax dollars pay for schools, which in turn, pay for the teachers’ union dues — which are taken out of teacher paychecks that are funded by the people — a movement to defund the CTU has spread across the area. 

On the homepage of the CTU’s website is a Voter Guide that instructs teachers who to vote for during the June 28th primary. Questionably enough, every single CTU endorsement on the list is a democrat. Only these politicians’ names are listed. Their individual stances on serious issues and government policy are missing. This easily displays the bias that this union holds. It also leads parents to question how teachers with conservative or independent views are treated by the CTU. If this teacher’s union is unlawfully indoctrinating students with race-based lessons, defunding the union is likely to prevent further abuses, but whether or not criminal charges may be filed is yet to be seen. 

The whistleblower who exposed the depths that the CTU is going to in order to push their own agenda approached Illinois republican gubernatorial candidate Jesse Sullivan. Sullivan has launched a Power to the Parents objective. He is campaigning to defund the CTU and end race-based lessons in public education. 

race-based lessons

While parents and lawmakers examine the CTU’s influence in the classroom and teachers’ obsession with inserting race-based lessons into classes, students are caught in the middle of this political battle. Instead of just going to school and learning how to read and write and solve problems, they are being confused by classroom ideologies that conflict with many at-home values. This is being felt across the nation, and while Illinois is facing a movement to defund the CTU, more support has been gained to defund public schools altogether.