State Proposes Law To Ban Kids From Attending Drag Shows

A Texas lawmaker pledged to introduce a bill to legislation that would ban children from attending any type of drag performance.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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Texas lawmaker

Drag Queens are a big part of pop culture these days, but many parents and politicians are appalled at the marketing that seems to be targeting young children. It is said to be a way for the LGBTQ community to normalize being different in the eyes of children, but those against it feel it is grooming children in a confusing manner meant to sexualize them at young ages. Because of the growing pushback, a Texas lawmaker has become the first noted politician in America to vow to bring legislation to congress that would ban all minors from attending drag show events.

KXAN News reported that an East Texas lawmaker, Rep.Bryan Slaton, took to Twitter to share the news that he planned on introducing a bill to The Lone Star State next legislative session that would ban all children and minors from attending any type of drag performance in the state. He cited the need for a law like this as a means to protect children from being able to view “inappropriate” content. It is alleged that his announcement coincided with the controversial drag show promoted for children in Dallas this past weekend. 

The contentious event was sponsored by a cocktail bar in Dallas and took place during the day. Officially called the “DRAG Your Kids To Pride” event, it roused plenty of negative attention after videos circulated on social media showing children on stage dancing with the performers and placing money into their lingerie. Protestors showed up to the event with signs reading things like “stop grooming our children,” and others, like the Texas lawmaker, saw it as an opportunity to address the growing concern from many families.

Slaton made note that he was acting on behalf of those who re-elected him, as a promise to advocate for family values and a pledge to safeguard children. However, since this year’s Texas legislative session has ended, there will likely be no more details on how exactly the Texas lawmaker plans to bring this type of legislation to the State Capitol. Lawmakers won’t reconvene for the next legislative session until January 10th of next year. 

Other than vowing to bring a proposal to ban children from attending drag performances, the Texas lawmaker made another promise to his followers, according to KXAN. He also confirmed on Twitter that he intended to pursue another piece of legislation that would officially classify gender-affirming care as child abuse. This move would follow a similar track in Texas’ government with Republican Governor Greg Abbott. Early this year, the GOP governor sent a letter to the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) urging the agency to investigate any found incidents of teachers, parents, or healthcare providers believed to be supporting a child’s gender-transitioning care. 

Still, supporters of the LGBTQ+ community and Democratic lawmakers berated the Texas lawmaker’s words. Users took to Twitter to lambaste Slaton for putting so much attention on this topic, saying that there were more pressing urgencies for lawmakers, such as the Uvalde, Texas mass shooting situation. Democratic Rep. Erin Zwiener also admonished the Republican lawmaker, saying that Texas parents don’t want a “nanny” out of politicians, insinuating that these types of events are not mandatory, and it should be left up to parental discretion. 

It seems like it was only a matter of time before the increased presence and reports of drag events marketed for children would make their way to the topics of lawmakers. As more schools and communities embrace the drag community, more parents push back on the idea, fearing it could be detrimental to young children. But for now, the Texas lawmaker simply has an idea, and a long road ahead before it could be even considered for law.