Texas Teachers Died While Shielding Students

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | 4 weeks ago

texas teachers

School violence is on the rise. Although usually between students, armed introducers are not uncommon. Just last month a 15-year-old girl was stabbed to death by a 52-year-old man who drove his car onto school property and viciously attacked the student in the parking lot. School security has been a serious issue for some time, but teachers who wish to protect students are often conflicted on the best ways to prevent sporadic crimes, especially mass shootings. Regardless of any school’s policy, on Tuesday, a gunman entered the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and killed 19 children and 2 adults. Within the school worked two beloved Texas teachers who died shielding their students in an act of selfless heroism. 

Irma Garcia had worked for the school for 23 years. She was a mother of 4 children who considered her students to be like family. The Texas teacher was described as a “sweet, kind, loving” person. Garcia’s nephew spoke of the Texas teacher in a post on social media after the incident, noting that, “She passed away with children in her arms trying to protect them.”

The other adult killed was Eva Mireles. Not only a dedicated educator, but this Texas teacher was also named “teacher of the year” and had been nominated for Trinity University’s prize for excellence in teaching in 2019. She too was a mother of 4, had been married to her husband for 24 years, and supported her children and students in their endeavors. When the shooter entered the classroom this Texas teacher shielded students in an effort to protect them. 

There were 2 days remaining in the school year. In wake of this horrific incident, the school has been let out for the summer so students and other Texas teachers can mourn. In the aftermath, many are seeking solutions. Some claim that gun control is the answer. This includes The Biden Administration, which also supports efforts to prevent domestic terrorism which some say is an effort to legalize precrime arrests (which charge individuals with crimes before they have done any wrong).  

Others believe that arming teachers, or instating armed security in schools, is a more realistic solution. There is no telling whether the Texas teachers and their students would have been saved had they been protected by armed security or received gun training and a weapon. What is known is that school shootings have increased rapidly in the past year, and have been on the rise since the 1990 Gun-Free School Act was passed. While the first school massacre dates back to 1764 — when a Pennsylvania teacher unsuccessfully pleaded with 4 Native American attackers to spare the children — violent attacks on schools have become a common trend around the world.  

The Texas teachers did everything they could given the situation. Yet, students and teachers in other countries are not safe from school violence even in areas where guns are restricted. In London it was reported that a group of students were asked what their greatest fear was and all responded that they were most afraid of being stabbed. This seems to be common in countries with strict gun laws. China has so many mass school stabbings that they constantly make headlines and even involve axes.

In Australia, knife violence increased after they passed strict gun laws. Sweden, Brazil, and other countries around the globe are reporting on mass stabbings in schools, especially related to knife violence. Even in Nigeria, which allows firearms but has much stricter gun laws than the US, school attacks still occur which have led to mass kidnappings. All over the world, knife violence in schools and attacks on innocent children occur regularly because innocent children are often the targets of deranged people who wish to instill terror, project their issues onto others, and/or make headlines. But still, educators like these Texas teachers fight for their children, to the bitter end.

Schools across the nation are increasing security, and have been doing so for weeks now. What happened in Texas has shaken teachers, parents, students, and everyone across the nation. It is a true tragedy, but many are utilizing it as an excuse to ignore the entire issue and focus on guns specifically. This removes focus from the victims. The teachers and children who lost their lives went to school and are now gone, just like others around the world. But Irma Garcia and Eva Mireles loved their families and educating others while they lived, so much so, that they died protecting children.