Turning Point Opening Network Of American Value Schools

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

Turning Point

The popular conservative organization Turning Point USA is expanding. Instead of just working to teach and organize students to protect American values, they are now committed to offering private schools that teach traditional American Values. This plan was revealed in a press release, Tuesday, and offers much promise to parents who are fed up with politically biased public schools. 

Turning Point Academy has already partnered with Dream City Christian Academy to offer an in-person private school for students K-12 in Arizona. Enrollment is currently open for the 2022-2023 school year. Over 30 teachers and staff members have already been employed to meet the needs of some 600 future students. 

Turning Point Academy is planning to open schools across the nation. They have 2 main campus paths. One will serve the Christian population with academics taught through the foundation of Christian principles. The second option will focus mainly on teaching the importance of American values. These dual paths have the potential to provide a positive learning experience for students whose families support individual rights while offering options for those who are not Christian and inviting them to join a community which is dedicated to protecting inherent rights. 

The main promise of Turning Point Academy is to uphold truth, refrain from teaching lessons related to identity politics, postmodernism, or any anti-American rhetoric. Additionally, it will encourage a strong work ethic, promote equality and reward good character while instilling courage and gratitude to raise a new generation that restores freedoms and once again makes America the “land of the brave.” 

In recent years parents have expressed endless concern over race-based education practices. Despite bringing grievances to teachers, school boards, and lawmakers, many public schools have implemented unconstitutional practices which treat students differently based on their race or cultural background. From admissions to grading practices, and even disciplinary actions, students are being taught to judge each other by the color of their skin. Turning Point USA has been a leading opponent to these harmful policies, and as more and more parents pull their children out of the public education system a need for alternatives has grown. 

Parents who do not have the time, energy, or resources to homeschool their children have sought aid in the form of charter schools. Although these institutions operate on a more private level, they do receive some federal funding and are beholden to political policies as public schools. Most recently The Biden Administration worked to rob schools of much-needed funding in the event that they do not adhere to certain political practices — like revoking school lunch assistance for underprivileged students from schools that refuse to allow biological males into female locker rooms. Turning Point USA has opposed these attacks on factual science and the right to sex segregated spaces.

Turning Point

Whether Dream City Christian Academy or other Turning Point Academies offers financial aid is uncertain but they have committed to admitting students of any race or cultural ties. They already have a full calendar and many parents are eager to see how this endeavor serves families. As interest in education alternatives have led parents away from placing their children into public schools, many are eager to see these schools branch out and serve their communities.