Students Are Using Artificial Intelligence To Write Essays

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

essay writing

Essay writing is a skill that teaches students to convey thought in concise points which introduce others to their topic, give clear reasoning in paragraphical format, and draw a sound conclusion from the facts or opinions expressed. This teaches students to properly write letters, stories,  articles, exam papers, and even helps them to earn college acceptances and scholarships. Now some students are using modern Artificial Intelligence software to outline, draft, and write their essays and many people are questioning if this should be banned by schools. 

The point of essay writing is for students to convey a message, using their own words, based on the lessons they have learned. They must prove that they know how to properly format, sequence, and display information with an engaging style. Learning to write an interesting opening line, or pull sympathy from the reader provides students with the ability to translate thought onto paper/screens and share it with masses of individuals. Knowing how to properly outline topics, important points, and a solid conclusion are all part of the process of essay writing.  

Now, modern AI programs are offering students shortcuts. Many AI software programs format documents for the writer. They provide suggestions and even help writers choose their wording. While this may help scientists save time while recording research work, it does nothing to ensure that students are able to exercise written communications skills without help, and is considered cheating by many teachers and editors. 

While plenty of students argue that computers have become a necessity in modern times, and that AI tech will continue to grow and expand into many fields as technology continues to progress, the incidence of censorship and redefining words has also increased in recent years and threatens the free speech process of essay writing. Journalists and writers often utilize essay-style formatting to challenge the status quo. Being able to speak freely in order to pursue truth, no matter how unpopular it may be, has been a core element of the writing process since before the invention of the printing press.   

Big tech censorship has blocked masses of people from seeing hundreds of millions of online posts. From articles to social media chatter, these messages have been blocked, banned, and even labeled as “misinformation” only later to be confirmed as fact,  but that is nothing compared to the algorithms that are designed for search engines and also operate AI software. These data patterns are inputted by programmers who have their own political bias and affiliations. When essay writing uses AI software, students may be inadvertently exposing themselves to one-sided arguments and language that panders to biased beliefs. 

In addition, the Biden Administration itself has worked to redefine words in order to sway public opinion. This is a blatant form of censorship and an attack on freedom of information. Students who are essay writing on subjects like the female reproductive system or the economic impacts of a recession are now faced with the dilemma of using software that doesn’t know how to properly define these words based on the political bias they may be designed to impose. 

essay writing

Essay writing has been a popular method of measuring students’ understanding. It bypasses standardized tests and gives individuals the ability to freely express themselves in an academic setting. By utilizing AI software, students are likely to become less versed in written communication without assistance and open themselves up to censorship and unintentional bias. Even so, the popularity of this method of writing is growing and teachers will have to decide whether they will accept it as a valid writing tool, or ban it from future assigned work.