Predators Are Targeting Children On Twitch

At least 2,000 sexual predators were found to be using Twitch to coerce minor children over the past two years, with an average of 673 children being targeted each day.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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There is an alarming amount of predators targeting minor children on the internet. Much of this happens on social media apps, but in a growing trend, youth are especially targeted on Twitch. The video game live streaming service is home to at least 2,000 sexual predators, who have targeted nearly 280,000 children in the past few years.

This startling data comes from a new research study reported by Bloomberg. The study gathered data from Twitch from October 2020 to August 2022. On average, at least 673 children succumbed to these online predators each and every day.

At least 2,000 Twitch users were identified to be solely using the streaming service to prey on children. Many of them were found to have had thousands of children on their follower’s list. They would use the app to find young boys and girls who were live streaming.

Oftentimes, these Twitch sexual predators enter the live-streaming chat rooms hosted by kids. From there, they begin interacting with them. They bribe them to perform sexual acts on camera with tips and threaten to withhold them if they refuse to do what is asked. 

Twitch is one of the world’s most popular live streaming services. The software allows users to live stream themselves playing video games. Also, it lets viewers chat with hosts as they watch.

The service has escalated in popularity over the past few years, especially among young teenagers. Millions of new users join each day, and the platform now accounts for three-quarters of all streamed gaming content. Most of the time, people use the service to watch others stream popular video games like Fortnite, but in this case, some are using it for dangerous, illegal activity.     

Twitch responded to Bloomberg’s sinister report, alleging that they are aware of the increased presence of child sex predators on the streaming service. The company noted that they have increased security measures to try to keep children 13 and younger off the platform. However, this does nothing to alleviate issues with those aged 14-17 being targeted.

The company also noted that they have increased their participation with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. This agency vets Twitch for potential predatory behavior. Furthermore, Twitch said that further updates were being developed to keep children safe.

In the interim, there are numerous things parents can do to help keep their children safe while using online services like Twitch. To convey how important online safety is, parents should have open conversations about all the potential dangers. Fostering a welcoming environment that encourages teens to come to their parents with any concerns is best. 


Furthermore, it is important to instill best practices in children who use services like Twitch. Users should never share personal information. What’s more, reminding children that photos and videos remain online eternally may steer them from falling prey to predators. But above all, keeping an eye on what young children are doing when using these tools may be the best way to keep them safe.