Teachers Bring In Bulletproof Vests For Safety In This Major City

Vegas teachers are said to be bringing in bulletproof vests for safety precautions as violence in schools worsens.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

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An unidentified educator working for an undisclosed school went to the press over safety concerns. The Las Vegas teacher claimed that although the district they work for provided active shooting training over the summer, they do not feel safe after the Uvalde, Texas mass school shooting. School security has become such a main focus for the 2022-2023 school year that this teacher has begun bringing a bulletproof vest to class for safety, as he claims other Vegas teachers do as well. 

The educator admitted that Vegas teachers have been trained to abide by state requirements. In addition, their district has worked with the Vegas Metropolitan Police, and Southern Nevada Counterterrorism Center to improve security, prepare to mitigate threats, and practice door-locking procedures should an active mass shooter breach the campus. This educator also noted that their school has security guards, but they fear an intruder bursting past the officers in place. 

It was also noted that other Vegas teachers are bringing bulletproof vests to class. Whether the school in question has ever been threatened by violent offenders, or if teachers have been attacked by students was not mentioned, what is known is that although school shootings have increased in recent years, these situations are usually isolated incidents between feuding students, not random mass attacks. While the mainstream media constantly capitalizes off of spreading fear of mass shootings, the fact of the matter is that they are incredibly rare. It is a 1 in 10 million risk, a 0.00001% chance; the same odds as being struck by lightning. 

Schools have worked diligently to implement new security methods during the summer and each state’s strategy is different. Some schools have increased resource officers, security cameras, and even installed panic buttons. Some states have passed legislation allowing teachers to arm themselves so they will not be left vulnerable waiting for help in the rare event that a mass shooter should breach a school building. Whether Vegas teachers are aware of the negligent circumstances involving the Uvalde police force’s actions during the Robb Elementary School shooting or not is also unknown.

It was not disclosed whether the Vegas teacher interviewed is in favor of arming teachers so they do not become victims of such circumstances. Regardless, an open investigation is still being conducted to further reveal just what went wrong in Uvalde. Even former chief Pete Arendondo — who had been elected to city council just before the shooting — resigned from this position after receiving fierce public backlash. Despite this, school safety is at the forefront of parents’ and teachers’ minds as the new school year has just begun. The effects of the Robb Elementary School shooting are widespread no matter how many safety protocols have been put in place. 

Vegas teachers

Now, some Las Vegas teachers are bringing bulletproof vests to their schools. This is not against any known school policy and may offer protection should an incident occur. Thankfully, millions of children and teachers go to class every day without experiencing a mass school shooting and so the use of such vests is likely to be unnecessary.