See Washington’s 2021 Public School Test Scores, They’re A Disaster

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | 2 months ago

Washington state is facing an education crisis and the test scores now prove it. The state of public schools has been under scrutiny for some time as “woke” classroom policies have led to serious debates about what should be taught in schools. While LGBTQ flags have been allowed in classrooms across the state, pro-police flags are prohibited. Seattle Public Schools got clearance to teach academic courses like math that are “oppressive,” and the state even applied to reduce standards for testing based on the premise of diversity and inclusion.

Now that these philosophies have had time to turn out results, parents, teachers, and officials are beginning to notice a pattern of failure. Across the board, students in Washington are turning out some of the worst test scores imaginable. A whopping 70% of students failed to meet math requirements, and 52% failed English. These numbers perfectly display how political rhetoric is harming students’ ability to learn and thrive as well as previous generations did.

Even in the wealthiest district, Seattle, students failed math at a rate of 57%, while 40% of students in that area also failed English. So as many schools focus on identity politics and the push for more progressive political policies in education, parents and children are suffering. These test scores display just how harmful these untested methods are, and it comes as no shock to many parents who chose to leave in favor of homeschooling or private school options. 

Parents are not shocked that by removing certain criteria and decrying teaching practices traditionally utilized to educate children in the subjects of math and English, suddenly students cannot achieve basic math and English test scores. If the material is vilified or ignored, children are unable to learn it or even take an interest in it, and so they are neglected in these areas. It is estimated that some 41,000 families have abandoned the public education system and this is clearly a factor. With extreme political takeovers, like the formation of a progressive autonomous zone that forced out police officers in support of BLM and racial marxism, resulting in more violence and division, how parents and students view progressive movements is changing based on how damaging their policies prove to be.

test scores

Children who were taught that math is racist now face the consequences of not being able to properly calculate how much money they got for their birthday. Those who were allowed to forgo reading standards in favor of classroom exercises that explore “gender-fluidity,” cannot sit down and learn about new cultures from various periods in history. In truth, students subjected to Washington public schools’ modern teaching models are underperforming and are not likely to catch up easily. Whether the test scores are down or not, that is the main issue. 

The very people who allowed damaging education practices to be put in place are now facing staffing shortages and re-elections. Those who worked to ban teachers from giving children a failing grade during the pandemic are just now realizing how much every lesson matters, and the importance of imparting a knowledge of math and reading skills. Though some will try to use the pandemic as a scapegoat, families know what kind of sub-par curriculum children were subjected to, and now everyone has the catastrophic test scores to prove that the state of Washington’s public schooling is a disaster.